Reminders, alarms, alarms; they are all excellent to make sure you don’t miss important things like meetings, milk collection, remember to take out the trash, don’t miss your feet. These always useful applications keep on our radar everything that is hard to do and that is likely to be forgotten. But what about forgotten fun things? Life is not just about meetings and dry cleaning. Hooks – Alarms that are counted is an app that lets you create alerts about important things like when your next episode of your favorite show is running, when your favorite band is playing, when a new movie is coming, and more. Unlike other reminder apps that help you be more productive, this app reminds you of the fun things that will be in life.

The hooks have three tabs; one shows all your notifications, i.e. your timeline, one adds the notification and one shows all the notifications you have added. The second one you add to the first notification is when you really like the app. It already knows (and checks) what time the TV show is supposed to be broadcast. It also checks the release date of movies and concert programs. It takes advantage of the information you need to receive an alert, so you don’t have to enter it manually. All you have to do is choose and event and when you want a reminder of it. The app will find the event and notify you accordingly.

Hook alarm information

You can receive a push notification as well as an audible alarm (both or both), and the alarm can be sent to you before or after the event. If the events aren’t appealing enough, try setting a rain alarm where you can choose how much rain you should warn (so don’t forget to take the steepest umbrella). Other categories of really interesting listings are checking when a website is away, when a new restaurant in your area hits a certain rating, a tweet with a certain word, etc.

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Stop my alarm Chronological order of hooks

You will need to register to use the app, and if you sign up with your Facebook profile, the app will be more useful to you. The app has a very neat interface, adding events is very easy and it works well.

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Install hooks – important announcements from the App Store

Install hooks notifications from any Google Play Store

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