A shared calendar can be a great help in coordinating the activities of a couple, a family or a group, but you still have to know how to use it!

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Shared iCloud calendar and compatibility

While it’s great to share a calendar with friends or family, it’s not always easy to figure out how to share or accept an invitation. Especially if you or those you share the calendar with don’t just use Apple Calendar Tools on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, or use other operating systems.

Users in the Apple ecosystem or using iCloud-enabled third-party apps like BusyCal or Fantastical can view and edit events on privately shared calendars.

If you are using calendar software that does not integrate directly with iCloud, requiring login with your account, you will not be able to accept invitations to private calendars, but will still be able to view those shared publicly.

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Start by sharing a calendar

You can create a new private calendar or share an existing one with specific people. We explain to you.

On macOS

To share a calendar from your Mac:

  • Open the app Calendar ;
  • Make sure the list of calendars is displayed on the left;

Note : if not, click on the calendar icon at the top left.

  • Hover over the calendar to share, on its right side;
  • Click on the outline of a person’s head;
  • Click on Share with ;
  • Enter the name of one of your contact and choose his e-mail address or enter the address directly (copy and paste works);
  • Once the address has been entered, simply press the key. Entrance⏎ and wait for his response;
  • Click on a person’s name for the Re-invite or give him the right either to Consultation either Modification ;
  • Validate with Ended ;
  • Select an address (or a name) then press Clear⌫ to withdraw the invitation and thus access to the calendar.

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On iOS or iPadOS

Your iPhone or iPad can also manage calendar invitations:

  • Open the app Calendar ;
  • Press on Calendars to display the list of calendars;
  • Press the in front of the calendar to share;
  • Press on Add a person ;

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  • Add a person (with their e-mail) and validate with Add ;
  • Touch a person’s name to activate (or deactivate) Allow changes, Resend sharing invitation but also for Stop sharing.

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On iCloud.com

From any browser, you can manage your calendars using iCloud.com. You can connect from a Mac or Windows, like an iPad or an Android tablet. However, the device must be able to display the desktop version of the site:

  • Connect to iCloud.com ;
  • Click on Calendar ;
  • Click on the icon to the right of the calendar you want to share;
  • Tick Private Calendar ;
  • Click on Add a person and enter the person’s email;
  • Validate with OK.

Again, you can manage the rights of each person invited.

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In each of these locations, there is an option to share a public read-only version of the calendar. To do this, check Public calendar then copy the URL that appears and starts with webcal:// to share with anyone using calendar software with support for calendars published on the Internet. Uncheck Public Calendar to disable access to the public version.

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Accept a calendar invitation

In any case, the invited person receives an email from which they can accept the invitation. However, everything is doable directly from the Calendar app on Mac, iPhone or iCloud.com.

Let’s start with the Mac :

  • In the app Calendar, click on the icon that looks like an inbox;
  • In the tab New, click on Refuse Where Join the calendar.

mac reply invitation

Now let’s move on to your iPhone Where iPad :

  • In the app Calendar, Press on Notifications ;
  • In the tab New, press Access the calendar, to accept, or Refuse.

iphone reply invitation

On iCloud.com, it is also very similar:

  • Connect to iCloud.com and open Calendar ;
  • Click on the numbers to the right of day week month ;
  • Click on Refuse Where Participate in this calendar.

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