Today, I will cover all the available methods to get bitcoin online. Before I begin, I want to clarify something very important.

There is no easy way to win large amounts of Bitcoin Just like there is no easy way to get a large amount of US dollars or any other currency by working online. The good news is that if you want to put in the effort and work hard, you can make good money online bitcoin. Later in this post, I’ll show you some of my own earnings so you can see what I mean
Also, there is always something that you should spend in order to obtain bitcoin, it is not necessarily money, but you have to spend something like your time, for example, or your email, watching ads or anything else.

Well, let’s get to know the different ways in which you can get and win Bitcoin

(Bitcoin Faucets) Earn and Get Bitcoins with the Taps


(Bitcoin Faucets) Earn and Get Bitcoins with the Taps


Bitcoin faucets and faucets are the easiest and most time consuming way to get Bitcoin
For those who do not know how to work Bitcoin faucets sites
Bitcoin faucet is a site that offers an amount of satoshis (one bitcoin equals 100 million satoshis) to every visitor. You only have to pass the CAPTCHA test to prove that you are not a program or robot trying to manipulate the site’s system, when you reach the minimum payment, the site sends you your share of the bitcoin that you have collected and the minimum varies from one tap to another, and the number of times the coin is collected per day is determined by timing Which was developed by the site (every hour or five minutes …). The important thing is that you only need the address of your wallet and they will send you Bitcoin, and these sites were found in their beginnings to help and introduce people to Bitcoin.

Below is a collection of the best bitcoin faucets and faucets

1- MoonDash You can get Dash Coin every 5 minutes on this site

2- Bit Fun A great site that wants to give you free bitcoins as soon as possible

3- Freebitco.in The oldest and most trusted Bitcoin faucet in the world of profit from Internet

4AdBtc A great site that will help you to earn Bitcoin automatically

5Brave Great browser to get bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by surfing the internet


PTC Get Bitcoin by clicking and watching ads


PTC Get Bitcoin by clicking and watching ads

As the name suggests, these sites give you small amounts of Bitcoin in exchange for watching ads and visiting the sites. I have tried and used many sites
Clicking on the ads and I discovered that the following three sites are the ones giving the highest share of Bitcoin

It’s hard to find a great site like this to get bitcoins with free bonus every day

ADBTC – 2 PTC site Bitcoin pays are the most popular of our time

This site is honest and has a good reputation in the field of clicking ads and has withdrawn more than three million satoshis


(FreeLance) Earn bitcoins by doing freelance work

Working for bitcoin is one of the easiest, most legitimate and profitable ways to get bitcoin in decent amounts of that currency.
Whether you are an engineer, designer, writer, singer, translator, editor, internet marketer, freelance translator, developer …, you can start working against Bitcoin now.
Here are the best platforms and sites that give you Bitcoin in exchange for your services








Bitcoin mining


Bitcoin mining


if you want to Get the largest amount of Bitcoin possible Mining is among the best options available to you if you have the capital to buy mining equipment and the price of electricity wages is low in your country because there is something you have to know about mining Bitcoin before you venture into this field. The difficulty of mining this currency increases with the passage of time meaning Last, it would take a long time and very powerful mining hardware to produce a portion of Bitcoin. By and large, mining refers to the use of powerful computers to automatically perform and solve a set of mathematical operations, creating a new configuration. The total number of Bitcoins that can be produced is only 21 million. So far, around 16.9 million Bitcoins have been successfully mined and produced at the time of writing this article, and nearly four million Bitcoins remain on the table for miners.

If you do not want or do not have the capital to set up your own mining barn, there are websites for companies that provide cloud mining service, you buy from them a part of the strength of their mining equipment for a certain period and all bitcoin extracted from this equipment will be sent to your wallet until the end of the contract. The most famous and most trusted of these companies


MIZESAnd the CryptoUniverse

Create a blog and fund it with ad companies that pay in bitcoin

If you have little knowledge about making money and working online, you may have heard of the idea of ​​getting paid by placing ads on your site or blog.
Fortunately there are many companies that operate on the same concept and pay in Bitcoin like a corporation



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