You can make and receive calls with your Mac. With FaceTime you can call as if it were your iPhone thanks to Continuity and Handoff. When you initiate a call, the default app for calls on Mac is it the one of your choice?

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Why set a default app for calls on Mac?

When you receive a communication from an application, you will respond from that application. If you have a Skype call, you cannot take the call from another app.

Where the default app really makes sense is when you want to call by clicking on a phone number. Indeed, it is this choice which will define which application will open when you click on “call” from Messages, Contacts or links to numbers on sites.

If you have not installed any communication application, by default it will be FaceTime. By installing other applications such as Microsoft Teams or Skype, it is possible that, without any manipulation on your part, one of them has granted this advantage.

However, that does not change that if you are called on your iPhone, it is the FaceTime of your Mac that will open.

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Do you want to make your calls by Skype or Teams? Don’t look in the Mac’s system preferences or in Skype or Teams settings. Whether you want the default app for calling on your Mac to be Skype, Teams, or FaceTime, it’s all in FaceTime :

  • open the app FaceTime ;
  • go to the menu FaceTime > Preferences , ;

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  • stay in the tab Settings ;
  • choose your application, at the bottom in “Default call settings”.

You will have the choice among all compatible communication applications installed on your Mac. Take the example of Slack or WhatsApp, although these 2 applications are installed on this Mac, they are not offered.

mac facetime settings

The advantage of a default app for calling on Macs is that it doesn’t need to be open first. When you want to call someone, you have several options.

The 1re possibility is to simply use Contacts :

  • open the app Contacts ;
  • find your contact;
  • click on call or on the phone icon in front of one of the numbers you will have to hover over;
  • the default app will open and start the call.

mac contacts call

The 2e possibility is to go through Messages :

  • open the app Messages ;
  • click on a conversation;
  • in Details click on the phone icon or click on the recipient then Call ;
  • the default app will open and start the call.

mac messages call

The 3e possibility is not just one. Some applications or websites link to a phone number for easy calling. This avoids you having to remember it or copy and paste it. These links will then open the default application defined previously.

What about the Mail messaging app?

It’s exactly the same principle with the default messaging app. This app which you use to send and receive e-mails and to group your different e-mail addresses in the same place. It is also this one that will open when a link on the internet invites you to contact them by e-mail.

To choose it, the principle is the same:

  • open the app Mail (from Apple);
  • go to the menu Mail > Preferences , ;
  • stay in the tab General ;
  • choose an application among those installed in front of “Default messaging application”.

mac mail settings

Which calling app for Mac did you choose?

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