How do I turn off the Weather and News widget in Windows 10?

For a few days, Microsoft offers a new update for Windows 10 which bears the reference KB5001391. The update in question is optional but if you accidentally installed it here is how to get rid of it.

Indeed, the update KB5001391 is quite intrusive since it grafts a new widget “Weather and News” on the Windows 10 taskbar.

As the name suggests, this widget provides access to a continuous flow of information relating to several areas: sport, general news, politics, economy, etc … as well as the stock market or the weather. This is what this famous widget looks like:

Here’s what Microsoft is saying about the update:

Introducing news and interests in the Windows 10 taskbar

The Windows taskbar gives you quick access to an integrated feed of dynamic content, such as news, weather, sports, and more, which is updated throughout the day. You can personalize your feed with relevant content tailored to your case. In the coming weeks, you will be able to take a seamless look at your flow directly from the taskbar throughout the day without disrupting your workflow. For more info, see Personalized Content at a Glance: Introducing News and Interests in Windows 10 Taskbar.

Updates an issue to prevent blank tiles from appearing in the Start menu after updating to a newer version of Windows 10.

Adds the ability to adjust the idle time before a headset goes to sleep in the Settings app for Windows Mixed Reality.

At first glance the idea is pretty good and the widget seems pretty well designed. But if you don’t need such a widget or just aren’t interested in this information here’s how to disable it.

How do I remove the KB5001391 Weather and News widget from Windows 10?

To deactivate the widget, just right click with the mouse on the taskbar. A menu opens: go to “News and fields of interest” and there click on “Disable”. Now the widget will no longer be displayed on your desktop.

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