The Details pane of Windows 10 File Explorer lets you view details about a selected folder or file. You can check details like modification date, shooting date, dimensions, image width and height, frame rate, etc. for video file, image file, EXE file, folder, etc.

Details are visible based on the type of item you selected. If you want to know the different options for showing the Details pane in File Explorer, this article will be useful for you. You can show or hide the Details pane depending on your needs.


Show Details pane in Windows 10 File Explorer

There are three ways to show or hide the Details pane in Windows 10 File Explorer. These options are as follows

  • Using a shortcut key.
  • Using the File Explorer Ribbon Menu.
  • Using the registry editor.

Using a shortcut key

This is the fastest and easiest option to view the Details pane in File Explorer. Only two steps are necessary:

  • Open theFile Explorer using the shortcut Windows + E.
  • Press the key combination Alt + Shift + P.
  • This will instantly open the Details pane. Press the same shortcut keys again to hide the Details pane in File Explorer.

Using the File Explorer Ribbon Menu

  • Use the shortcut Windows + E to open theFile Explorer.
  • Click on the tab Display.
  • On the ribbon menu, click Details pane.
  • The Details pane is then displayed on the right side of File Explorer. Use the same option to hide the Details pane at any time.

Using the Registry Editor

Before performing this operation or any other modification in the registry, it is recommended to back up the registry first so that you can restore it at any time to undo unnecessary changes. Now carefully follow these steps:

  • Open Registry Editor from the Start Menu.
  • Go to the branch below:
  • Under GlobalSettings, create a new key and rename it DetailsContainer. If the key is already present, it is not necessary to create it.
  • In the right part of this key, right click, use the menu New and select the option Binary value. Rename the newly generated binary value to DetailsContainer.
  • Double click on the value DetailsContainer and add them Value data following:
01 00 00 00 02 00 00 00
  • Write the above values ​​without spaces. The software will automatically fill in these values ​​in the correct places. Press on okay to add the changes.
  • Select the key DetailsContainer and create a new registry key under it again. This time, give this new key the name Sizer.
  • Under the key Sizer, create DetailsContainerSizer Of type Binary value.
  • Double-click on this key and in Value data, add the following values:
3E 01 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 49 03 00 00
  • Write the above values ​​without spaces and without using the key Entrance. Press on okay to save your changes.
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Now when you open File Explorer, you will see that the Details pane is visible on the right side.

To hide the Details pane, just remove the binary values DetailsContainer and DetailsContainzerSizer.

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