Are you the head in the air? AirTags can be a solution! We will clarify the subject by explaining how an AirTag works and why to use it. They were presented at the April 2021 keynote.

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On what and for what?

A AirTag is a device aimed at find a lost object. It is not intended to be an anti-theft device or to follow a living being, whether it is your husband, your child or your dog.

The AirTag is equipped with a speaker allowing to beep on command, or if it is separated for a long time from its priority sound, so that it is spotted.

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This is not the only way to find it since with an iPhone 11 (or newer) you can activate the Precise location which tells you in which direction and how many meters away it is.

Finding an AirTag is still more useful if it is linked to an object. As stated above, it is used to locate an object that you cannot find. You can hang a AirTag to an accessory (lanyard, key ring, etc.) to more easily accompany your luggage, keychain, purse, wallet, etc.. Of course, you can also simply slip it into a pocket of your bag.

Unfortunately, for those who tend to lose their glasses, the AirTag is not going to be of much help. The AirTag is absolutely not self-adhesive and has an imposing dimension for glasses. It is close to a € 2 coin. Indeed, the AirTag is 31.9 mm x 8 mm for 11 g while a € 2 coin is 25.75 mm x 2.2 mm for 8.5 g.

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It is not a refillable product. It is not an AAA type battery either, but a CR2032 button battery with an autonomy of about 1 year.

Near your iPhone, your Bluetooth will locate the AirTag. If it is further away, it is the network of Apple devices. The same network that is already working to locate your iPhone or Mac if they do not have internet access if you have activated the Localization service in the Settings > Confidentiality > Localization service.

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So say it like that, it might be scary, but no one other than you can locate your AirTag remotely. Furthermore, neither Apple nor device owners near the AirTag will own it.

However, people can be notified that an AirTag is with them. Any smartphone with NFC technology can be warned that an AirTag has lost, nearby.

Note : If you are wondering if your smartphone has NFC, there is a good chance that it does. In any case, if you are making contactless payments, you have to have it.

If you do not immediately notice its presence, the AirTag will ring. Rest assured, it will only ring if the owner activates Lost Mode or if they become separated from their owner for a while and they are on the move.

Now that you understand how an AirTag works and what it is used for, you will be able to configure it or even know how to react when you find an AirTag that does not belong to you.

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