When you first heard that there was a “divine state” in Windows 10, you might think it could do almost anything. Why couldn’t you with that name, right? This option may deceive you when it comes to what it can do, but it gives you access to the different options you usually look for in two different places.

What is God’s state in Windows?

Before you are too excited about what you can do with God’s space, you should know that it does not allow you to work miracles. God’s Status in Windows is a folder that you must activate and that gives you access to most of the settings in the Windows Administration, Configuration, Management, and Control Panel.

You may prefer to use God mode because it provides a more natural way to browse 206 tools with which you may usually have difficulty. You don’t have to name this folder God’s state, it’s just the name it has taken over time. Giving a different name does not affect the provision of this folder.

How to activate God mode in Windows 10

To enable God Mode in Windows 10, you must use an account that has administrator privileges. If you already have such an account, go to your desktop and right-click where there is no folder. When the options appear, click New.

When the new folder appears, rename it:

As I mentioned earlier, you can give this folder a different name. If you want to change the name, change what you want to add in “GodMode”, but be careful not to delete the point accidentally. You must enter a name for the folder – if you do not enter it, you will receive an error message.

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If the steps are performed correctly, the folder icon changes to the Control Panel icon. If the icon does not appear where you named the folder, try searching for it using other icons on the desktop. When you click the Control Panel icon, you should see the following image.

God's options

What God 10 mode in Windows 10 can and cannot do

I’m sorry for your disappointment, but God Mode doesn’t give you specific hacking skills. Some of the options there are also available in your computer settings.

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For example, God mode gives you access to Windows Update and certain touch screen settings. If you want to use these options, you do not need to turn on God mode because these options are easily available through your computer’s settings.

What God Mode can offer you are all the settings you can find in Settings, Lost Settings, and Control Panel in one place. This is useful because you don’t have to switch between options.

You have access to forty separate controls, but the options depend on which version of Windows 10 you have. Whether professional or home. God mode makes finding an alternative much easier because they are divided into different categories such as display, administration, etc.


As you can see, God mode is probably not as expected, but it is a useful option to turn it on. This makes using the different options more comfortable. Is God mode what you thought it was? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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