In the new announcements of the April 2021 keynote, we could see that Apple TV color calibration could be done withiPhone. Good news, no need to buy the new Apple TV!

Affected devices

You don’t need to buy the new Apple TV 4K, with its A12 Bionic chip, or a future iPhone. However, not all devices are affected, they must be relatively recent. You must have :

  • a 2015 Apple TV HD or a 2017 Apple TV 4K tvOS 14.5 ;
  • an iPhone with Face ID under iOS 14.5.

This feature allows you to have a better picture without having to configure it yourself.


Do the color grading of the Apple TV with your iPhone?

Apple TV will use the iPhone’s light sensor to calibrate the TV’s colors.

  • open the app Settings of your Apple tv ;
  • select Video and audio ;
  • in the section Balanced, click on Color balance ;

apple tv color balance

  • screen Adjust the color balance appears, bring your iPhone;

apple tv adjust color balance

  • a notification appears on your iPhone, open it;
  • touch Carry on ;
  • turn your iPhone over, the screen facing the TV, close to about 1-3 cm and aiming as best as possible at the intended outline on the TV;

iphone calibration apple tv

  • after all the measurements carried out, a screen Color balancing completed appears on Apple TV;
  • click on Show the results ;
  • without clicking, go to Use original and Use balanced settings to see the differences;
  • click on the setting you prefer.

apple tv iphone calibration

You have successfully completed the color grading of Apple TV with iPhone! Well, normally.

What if I chain the impossible measurements?

In principle, it’s relatively simple, but the screen Measurement not possible can put your nerves to the test if you don’t know the intricacies.

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There are a few subtleties you need to know to be successful, especially when it comes to TV settings.

You’ll need deactivate dynamic contrast, extreme color saturation. For more simplicity, prefer a profile Standard. Likewise, you should avoid the profile Cinema.

If it continues to get complicated, on your Apple TV, go to Settings > Video and audio > Format and select a format SDR and not HDR.

apple tv format video

Last little tips for correctly calibrating Apple TV with iPhone. Avoid glare and reproduce the conditions you watch your Apple TV most often.

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