Spotify is one of the most popular Android music streaming apps, and just like millions of people around the world, we love our personal playlist to which we can add songs that fit our ears. But did you know that you can make it even more personal by changing the image in your Spotify playlist? Here’s how to do it.

Change your Spotify playlist image on Android

Changing your Spotify playlist image on Android is pretty simple. The following steps also work on iPhone.

1. Open the Spotify Android app on your phone. Select the “My Library” tab from the bottom row.

2. Select the playlist whose cover art you want to edit.

3. You’ll find a “three-point” icon in the few lines of your playlist below the title.

4. Select Edit Playlist from the menu that appears.

5. Below the album default image, tap the Change Image button.

6. You can choose from two options: “Take Photo” or “Select Photo.” The first option takes you to a camera application to capture the photo, while the second option allows you to select an image file from internal or external storage.

In this review, we selected the Select Photo option and selected the image for the playlist. Note that you must grant Spotify storage permissions to download files from your internal storage.

7. Select an image and you will see a full screen preview of the selected image.

8. Tap the “Use Photo” button at the bottom. That’s it. You just changed the Spotify playlist image on your Android device.

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10. Press the Save button in the upper right corner to save the selected image as a playlist image.


In addition to changing the playlist image, in Spotify you can also create a folder and manage your Spotify playlist, create your own radio station, and search for new music.

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