How to change your phone number on WhatsApp

There can be several reasons for changing your phone number. Once you’ve finished changing your number, it’s time to let your contacts know. It may seem like a huge task, but WhatsApp makes the process much easier.

WhatsApp offers the option to notify your contacts when you have changed numbers. This will apparently only indicate the contacts you have in the messaging service, not elsewhere.

How to switch to a new phone number on WhatsApp

Changing your WhatsApp phone number is quick and easy. Open the messaging app and tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Go to “Settings> Account> Edit Number”.

WhatsApp shows you information that tells you that all your settings, groups, and account information are being moved to a new number. You also need to prove that your new phone can receive text messages, and hopefully that’s not a problem.

Once you have entered the phone numbers, make sure the numbers are correct. Tap Next and WhatsApp will notify you that you are changing your phone number. Don’t forget to activate the option to notify your contacts of a number change.

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