Are you the proud owner of one or more AirTag? Like many Apple devices, its setup is relatively simple and intuitive. Let’s see together how to configure and use an AirTag in order to find your objects in an optimal way.

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Before you start using an AirTag

Even if the configuration is intuitive, there are still certain conditions to be respected in order to be able to configure and use an AirTag:

  • own an iPhone or iPod touch under iOS 14.5 or an iPad under iPadOS 14.5 ;
  • activate Bluetooth on this device;
  • have a reliable internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular):
  • activate Find my iPhone and Network Locate in Settings > your name> Locate > Find my iPhone ;

How to configure and use an AirTag

  • activate Localization service in the Settings > Confidentiality > Localization service ;
  • have at least one iPhone 11 to use the feature Precise location.

If you want to use the Precise location, you will need to prepare your iPhone:

  • go in Settings > Confidentiality > Localization service ;
  • scroll down to the application Locate ;
  • check one of the authorizations (except Never) ;
  • activate Exact position.

How to configure and use an AirTag

Configure an AirTag

Let’s talk about serious things ! Let’s configure this new AirTag toy:

  • if it is brand new, after removing the packaging, remove the tab so that the battery can activate;

Note : the AirTag will emit a sound to confirm its activation.

  • bring the AirTag near your iPhone, a window opens as for the HomePod or the AirPods, touch Carry on ;

Note : If the message “Several AirTags detected” is displayed, leave only one near the iPhone in order to configure them correctly one by one.

  • choose an object from the list, the object to which the AirTag will be attached or personalize it with a name and give it an emoji;
  • touch Carry on, 2 times, to go forward and link it to your Apple ID;
  • finalize with Finished.

You can now install it with the object that you no longer want to search everywhere.

How to configure and use an AirTag

To add a non-Apple product, but compatible, you will have to do differently:

  • open the app Locate ;
  • go to the tab Objects ;
  • touch Add an object and follow the instructions.

add compatible plotter object

To find out if the product is compatible, it is marked Works with Apple Find My (compatible with Apple’s Find Finder).

works with locate

Find an AirTag

Now that your AirTag is set up and hooked to your keys or whatever object you want, it’s time to figure out how to find it. Otherwise, it will only serve as a decoration.

The search base is very similar to that to locate an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, a Mac or even your AirPods since Siri and the application Locate are going to be part of it. The big difference is that the AirTag must be within Bluetooth range of an Apple device whether it’s yours or not.

You can ask siri where is any of your Apple devices including an AirTag, if it can locate it, it can ring it. Handy if your keys are hidden in a pocket or under a cushion.

siri illustration

Without Siri, the application Locate will be of great help to you:

  • open Locate on your iPhone;
  • go to the menu Objects, at the bottom of the screen ;
  • touch your AirTag;

Several choices are available to you:

  • Make a sound in order to locate it via a sound if it is close to you, that is to say near the Bluetooth of your iPhone;

Note : little more, if it is dark, the flashlight shortcut appears to facilitate your research.

  • Search which activates precise localization;

Note : If Search does not appear, check that you meet the conditions explained above.

  • the Lost mode with Notifications for a notification to appear on the nearby smartphone (with NFC), with your contact details if you want.

How to configure and use an AirTag

With the precise location (Search), you just have to follow the arrow to find your object. If the signal is weak, everything was close to it, it must be that it is there, but on a different floor.

How to configure and use an AirTag

Namely that it does not work with an AirTag, but also with other compatible products.

Rename an AirTag

An AirTag is not associated with an object for life. He can change function, change the object to be “monitored”. In this case, you will surely have to change its name and emoji:

  • open the app Locate ;
  • go to the tab Objects ;
  • touch the AirTag in question;
  • scroll to find Rename object ;
  • choose a name again from the list or enter a custom name;
  • select an emoji;
  • validate with OKAY.

How to configure and use an AirTag

Delete an AirTag

Renaming it isn’t always enough, especially if you part with it. You will need to separate it from your Apple ID.

The method differs a little from that for the iPhone:

  • open the app Locate ;
  • go to the tab Objects ;
  • touch the AirTag in question;
  • press Delete object ;
  • confirm, even if your AirTag is not within Bluetooth range.

How to configure and use an AirTag

You will need to explain this method if you received a used AirTag and the previous owner did not unlink it. If the AirTag is not near the Bluetooth of the device that dissociates it, you must do some manipulations to finalize the process and reset it:

  • press the battery cover and turn it counterclockwise;
  • remove this cover and the battery;

Note : very practical for changing the battery.

  • reinsert the battery;
  • press it until a sound is heard;
  • when the sound stops, start again: remove, replace the battery and press it 4 more times;

Note : Each time the sound should sound, you should hear it 5 times in total.

  • reposition the cover correctly by aligning the 3 notches with the 3 slots;
  • press the cover until you hear a sound;
  • close the cover by turning it clockwise.

use airtag apple frenchmac

It’s not complicated, but it’s still less tedious and faster if you unpair your iPhone from your AirTag when it’s nearby.

All you have to do is configure the AirTag again by bringing it close to your iPhone.

Ready to set up and use an AirTag and never lose any items? You can associate up to 16 AirTags with a single Apple ID. What if you find an AirTag that doesn’t belong to you?

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