Audio and video DVDs have not completely disappeared and even if you don’t buy any more, you probably have some in your possession. However, you should not walk around with a CD player. In order to freely listen to your music, learn how to copy the contents of a DVD to your iPhone or iPad.


What you will need to copy your DVD to your iPhone

In order to copy the music from your DVDs to your iDevice, take:

  • the iDevice which will receive this music (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad);
  • this iDevice must have an application that can play DVD content such as VLC ;
  • your computer running macOS or Windows;
  • an external DVD drive if your computer does not have one;
  • the source DVD;

Note : the DVD, the CD must contain a folder VIDEO_TS or be in format ISO.

winx dvd ripper logo

We are not going to be able to make an explanation for every software of this type that exists. Here we will take an example from WinX DVD Ripper. Be aware, however, that it is not the only one and that there are free ones. This will give you an idea of ​​how it works or which buttons to find and configure correctly.

Copy content to your Mac

Before transferring the contents of your DVD to your iPhone, you will already copy it to your computer:

  • download and open the software;
  • insert the DVD;
  • set it Destination folder for ;
  • click on Disk (DVD) or Picture (ISO) depending on your DVD format (VIDEO_TS folder or ISO format), you can view it from your Finder ;
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Note : on Mac, if you don’t see the DVD, open it Finder then go to the menu Finder > Preferences > Lateral bar and tick CDs, DVDs and iOS devices in Pitches.

  • select the location of your DVD and confirm;

winx dvd ripper

  • choose a profile according to the device for which the DVD content is intended (click on Apple portable device to optimize the format);

winx dvd ripper

  • define the format after extraction as well as its quality: low (LQ for Low Quality) or high (HQ High Quality);
  • select the destination folder;
  • start the process with RUN.

winx dvd ripper

There are other features and settings to fine tune the configuration to your needs. Do not hesitate to explore the functionalities of the tool.

Transfer content to your iPhone

Now that the content of your CD is on your computer, you can copy it to your iPhone.

  • open it Finder or itunes depending on your computer’s operating system;
  • connect your iPhone to your computer;
  • find your iPhone and click on the tab Files ;
  • open a new window on the folder (or file) where the extraction took place;
  • drag the contents of the DVD (in this new window) to an application that can read this type of file in the tab Files from iPhone to your computer;
  • validate with Synchronize.

mac finder iphone

Find content

To find the content of your DVD on your iPhone, go to the application where you dragged the file. If you can’t find it, open Files on your iDevice in the application folder.


You will be able to listen to your music or watch your videos on your iDevice.

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