Do you dream of having a bright atmosphere that matches your television? There are ambilight TVs, but that requires you to switch TVs, and these can be expensive. Solutions exist to create a bright atmosphere yourself without ambilight TV and we will present them to you.

philips lightstrip led tape

What is an ambilight TV?

Let’s start with the beginning. Ambilight is a Philips technology. Other brands can make televisions with the same system, the name will be different.

An ambilight TV is a television that projects LED light on the wall behind the TV to provide ambiance during your home cinema sessions. This also helps reduce eye fatigue since, as we know, it is not good to read or watch a screen in the dark, whether it is a computer, a TV or a smartphone.

This light source can be a fixed color or adapt and synchronize with the colors of the video in order to be even more immersed. It is this adaptive color that makes the most of this kind of these Ambilight TV.

philips tv ambilight PUS

A DIY ambilight TV

The principle is to connect a light source to your TV. There are many solutions, including those of Philips Hue.

Lightstrips or LED strips can be attached to your TV without marking or damaging your TV. They are intended to be cut if your ribbon turns out to be too large. However, for a ribbon to work, you will need the connection bridge, if you already have other connected devices of the same brand such as bulbs, you won’t need to buy a new one.

philips lightstrip tape led tv

Already, thanks to this you will be able to control the light of your ribbon thanks to the Philips Hue app and your voice assistant, whether it is Alexa, Google or Siri.

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However, to really look like an ambilight TV, you will also need to bring a synchronization box. Without it, the light will not sync with the video on the screen.

philips hue bridge sync

Alternative or complement to LED strips

If you are not a fan of the LED strip, there is another product: Philips Hue Play. These are light bars that you can have on either side of your television where they can be attached to the back of it.

It will still take the connection bridge to control them and synchronization box to sync the lights your TV is showing.

Following this reasoning, you can also use smart bulbs or even Philips Hue Go, depending on the expected result and the allocated budget.

philips hue go tv

And on the computer?

Your computer, Windows or Mac, can also become ambilight! These same light sources (bulb, ribbon, go, bar) can synchronize with what your screen displays. In most cases, especially with games, you don’t even need the synchronization box, but you will still need to have the connection bridge. Just download Hue Sync app.

mac app hue sync

Is your screen black or the synchronization is not working?

Depending on the browser, application or platform used, on your computer or TV, the synchronization tool may be considered mirroring. To protect copyright, you will not be able to play your video.

To solve the problem, there are solutions presented by Philips (at the bottom of this page). Overall, this consists of using the synchronization box on your computer, your console or your Chromecast to pretend Netflix.

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tv ambilight philips

In any case, TV or computer, after installing the various lamps, you will need to create a leisure area in the app Hue > Settings > Leisure areas.

iphone hue leisure space

The Philips Hue range is fully compatible with HomeKit and, therefore, the app House and Siri.

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