Many people use screenshots or videos taken on screen to visually communicate ideas visually, but sometimes a static image is not enough when a large video file is excessive. These days, the best solution is to use an animated GIF that can display motion while keeping the file size small. The problem is, how can you create animated screenshots? If you are a Mac user, you can use the free software Get Giphy an application that allows you to quickly create animated GIF screenshots.

Getting started with Giphy Capture

The first step you need to take is download the application From the Mac App Store.

The first part of the application is the capture window. This is a transparent, resizable screen recording window that you can move and adjust to capture the area you want.


The second part of the application is the icon in the menu bar. Here you can open a save window, assign a capture shortcut, and decide if you want to include the cursor in the save. But to maximize the experience, you need to log in with your Giphy account or order a new one.

giphy-mte menu

Create animated GIFs

The application creates an animated GIF file in two steps. First, it records the screen without sound and exports the recording in GIF format.

But before you start the process, you need to place the save window by dragging and dropping it to the desired location anywhere on the screen. You can also resize it to the pixel size you want by dragging any edge of the window. Pixel size information is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen when you resize.

When everything is set, click the red save button to start (and stop later) screen recording. The result is saved at the bottom of the window. To show / hide the bar, click the button in the lower right corner of the screen.


The storage bar is practical. You don’t have to manage every record directly (but you can if you want). Instead, you can first create multiple screen recordings and edit them later. You can also delete unnecessary clips by clicking the button [X] button.



To edit a recording, click the recording bar icon to open the info window. In addition to displaying basic file information, this window also allows you to start editing the recording, save the file to your hard drive, or upload the result to the Giphy website.


After clicking the “Edit” button in the info window, you can start editing the file. You can adjust several parameters, such as the start and end of the clip, how you want the recording loop, the frame size, and the FPS (frames per second). The higher these parameters, the better the result.

But the settings are also parallel to the file size. If you want a smaller size, you need to lower the overall quality.

As a bonus, you can add subtitles to your GIF file. You can also view the file size by clicking “Calculate Size”.


The last step is to close the edit window and “save” the file or “download” it to Giphyen. Creating an animated GIF file is easy. Here is an example I did in less than three minutes.

giphy-mte example

Here is another.


Have you tried creating an animated GIF screenshot? Do you think this is the next step in sharing visual ideas or just a gimmick? Share your thoughts and opinions with the comments below.

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