Most of us know how to add home screen shortcuts to apps that already exist on our phones – just open the App Inbox, hold down the app icon until you see it.

But maybe you want to create app-like shortcuts to specific folders, websites, or your entire bookmark collection? If so, you need to dig a little deeper. we’ll show you in this article how you can create home screen shortcuts for any Android app.

Create home screen shortcuts for websites

Creating a home screen shortcut for a website is easy. If you’re using Chrome, just go to the website you want, tap the menu icon in the top right corner, and then tap Add to your Home screen.

Other browsers have similar functions. In Firefox, it’s almost the same process, except that the feature is called “Add Page Shortcut.” The Microsoft Edge browser has the same functionality.

Create a shortcut from the Home screen to the bookmarks bar

If you use Chrome, you can create a widget with all your favorites on the Android home screen.


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