If your Mac is relatively new and you are using Safari you must want to customize, change the background image and menu of Safari sur Mac. We are talking about the Home Page. Interested?

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Are all versions of Safari affected?

Only the application Safari sure macOS is concerned. The Home Page does not exist on iPhone or iPad. This feature arrived with Safari 14 (or 14.0) which is compatible from macOS Mojave although Safari version 14 arrived with macOS Catalina.

Older versions of Safari do not have these customization options since the Home Page did not yet exist.


The start page in a new window or new tab

The Home Page is different from the home page.

The home page corresponds to a specific site that you choose. It is very often a search engine, but you can very well put any url.

The Start Page is not a site at all. You will see that it does not have an address. It can display:

  • your Favorites ;
  • the list of Frequently viewed sites;
  • the Confidentiality report ;
  • the Siri suggestions ;
  • the Reading list ;
  • the ICloud tabs ;
  • a Background image.

start page display choice

You can choose when one or the other should appear:

  • open Safari on your Mac;
  • go to the menu Safari > Preferences ;
  • go to the tab General ;
  • define Home Page opposite “New windows open” or “New tabs open”.

mac pereferences safari

Customize the Safari start page image on Mac

To change the start page, it’s relatively simple and quick. Everything happens in a few clicks:

  • open Safari on your Mac;
  • access the Home Page depending on what you decided in the previous step;
  • right click on this page;
  • click on Choose a background ;
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mac customize safari start page

  • a window of your Finder opens, select an image among those offered in the folder Desktop Pictures or find a personally added image;
  • validate with To choose.

mac finder safari image

You have just changed the Safari background image on macOS.

If it doesn’t suit you, you can start over until you find the picture you want.

Finally, if you don’t want an image, right click and then Clear background.

Change the image of the Home Page, that’s fine, but you won’t often access it if it isn’t useful. In order to make it operational, a few clicks are enough:

  • open Safari on your Mac;
  • access the Home Page ;
  • right click on this page;
  • check what you want to see displayed among:
    • your Favorites,
    • the list of sites Frequently consulted,
    • the Confidentiality report,
    • the Siri suggestions,
    • the Reading list,
    • the ICloud tabs.

You can show them all or none. However, you will not be able to choose the display order.

All of its options are also available from the settings icon in the lower right corner of the Safari window. The big difference is that you check or uncheck Background image and the Finder does not open.

mac customize safari start page

Do you find Safari more efficient and pleasant to use?

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