With a free Google account, you have 15 GB, all products combined. You might run out of space and try to clean your Gmail inbox. Indeed, quantities of messages can be stored and many of them can be without interest. Advertisements, notifications, among others. Here’s how to delete all emails from Gmail and get off to a good start.

Delete all emails from Gmail in each category

To delete all emails from Gmail, the easiest technique is to position yourself in each tab and then select all the messages to delete them.

1. Go to the desired category tab: Main, Social networks, Promotions, etc. Click on the check box to select all the emails from the list displayed on the screen, i.e. the first 50 messages.

2. Gmail will offer to automatically select other messages. Click on Select x conversations in

3. Click on Clear selection. After confirmation, all emails located in the previously selected tab will be deleted from Gmail. You can repeat these steps on other tabs to delete more messages.

Some tips to go faster

If you want to delete all emails from Gmail at once, you can use the following methods to break out of categories and view all messages at once:

It will then suffice to repeat the steps mentioned above to select all the messages and delete them.

Save before deleting

With this technique, you will be able to delete and clean your Gmail mail more easily. You will also save storage space depending on the amount of data deleted. However, if the thought of deleting an important email makes you sweat, you can take your precautions and export and backup your Gmail email beforehand. You will thus have a copy in case of wrong handling.

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