How to Disable AutoCorrect on Android

AutoCorrect is standard on most modern Android phones, but sometimes it can do more harm than good. While it should help users avoid typos, AutoCorrect can easily ignore what you type and change the words you want to something else. As it turns out, most of us have experience with auto-correction failures and are aware of how easily they can disrupt the entire conversation and cause confusion.

If you’ve noticed that these auto-fix errors occur more often than not, it may be a good idea to turn off auto-fix on your Android device.

Disable AutoCorrect in Gboard

Today, most Android devices have a Gboard keyboard installed by default. If you trust Gboard when writing, you can get rid of auto-correction.

1. Open the Settings application on your phone.

2. Scroll down until you find System and tap it.

3. Select “Language and input”.

4. Then click on “Virtual Keyboard”.

5. You should see a list of all the keyboards installed on your device. Select the one you are currently using, in this case Gboard.

6. After entering the Gboard settings, find and tap “Text Correction”.

7. Scroll down until you reach Repair and turn off AutoCorrect. Alternatively, you can enable AutoCorrect and also enable the option below, which allows you to “undo AutoCorrect when rewinding.”

8. That’s all. Now you can go back to your messaging app without having to worry about deciding to write something silly.

If AutoCorrect is currently turned off and you want to re-enable it, follow the steps above to re-enable AutoCorrect.

Because there are so many other options on keyboards, you should probably be aware that most of them allow you to turn off auto-correction in their respective settings panels.

Disable AutoCorrect if you are using another virtual keyboard

1. Open the Settings application on your phone again.

2. Go to “Settings -> Languages ​​and Input -> Virtual Keyboard”.

3. Select the keyboard you are using. In this case, we use Chrome.

4. You will be directed to the application.

5. Tap Language at the bottom of the screen.

6. Select “Text Correction”.

7. In the pop-up menu that appears, press “AutoCorrect” to bring up the options. Chrooma has a few more options than Gboard.

8. You can disable the feature completely or choose how aggressive AutoCorrect is. Choose moderate, aggressive or very aggressive.

These steps vary depending on the keyboard you use, but you should find suitable options if you take the time to browse the application menus.

How to disable auto fix in Samsung

If you’re using a Samsung phone, you’re probably typing on a Samsung keyboard. To turn off auto-correction on your device, look for the “Auto-switch” option in your phone’s settings.

1. Open Settings on your device.

2. Go to “General Management” and select “Language and Input”.

3. Select “Samsung Keyboard Settings”.

4. From there, you need to turn off “Predictive Text”, which also turns off the “AutoComplete” feature so you can type in peace.

AutoCorrect can often save us from making stupid mistakes when writing messages, especially if we’re in a hurry, but it can also make us look bad by choosing words we don’t want. If you’re sure you’re not making a mistake (or as many) without auto-correction, you can disable this feature.

Since we’ve discussed other virtual keyboard options, you may be interested in taking a look at the list of the best AndroidGab options to see what else is available. Or maybe you want to learn how to install an on-screen virtual keyboard on Linux.

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