The most popular games will be published on Steam. It is a platform that allows game developers to easily share games. For gamers, it’s a one-stop shop for popular and obscure games. Steam also offers regular sales, options for reselling a game that is no longer being played, and a simple refund policy and user-based verification system that allows players to find great games.

If there’s a game you want to play, it’s a good option on Steam.


To purchase, download and play a game on Steam, you must download the official Steam client. The customer comes

  • Are you logged in with your user account?
  • Manage purchases made from your account
  • Download games,
  • Manage your library, achievements and wish list
  • Update and start the game
  • You can find friends and other players for online games
  • Confirm game purchases from your account

The Steam client is available for Windows and macOS.

Download Steam

Steam download;

  1. Visit Steam’s official website.
  2. Click the Install Steam button (your operating system will be detected automatically).
  3. Run the downloaded EXE in Windows 10 (or earlier).
  4. Open the DMG file downloaded on MacOS.
  5. In MacOS, move the Steam application to the Applications folder to complete the installation.

Use of steam

After downloading and installing Steam;

  1. Open the Steam application on your PC or Mac.
  2. Log in to your account or create an account with a customer.
  3. Once you are logged in, find the game you want to play.
  4. Next to the game, click Download or Buy and Complete the Purchase Process.
  5. Wait for the game to load.
  6. Once the game is downloaded, go to the library and select the game from the left column.
  7. Click the Play button on the right to start the game.

Steam games and platforms

Steam is a distribution platform. It is not a frame and does not come with any kind of emulator. This means that even if you can purchase any game on Steam, it may not work on your system.

Before you buy the game;

  • Check which Mac or Windows platform or both are available. If the game is not available for Mac (e.g. We have), you can purchase and download it, but it will NOT work on Mac. You have to use an emulator to play it.
  • Check the minimum hardware requirements for the game. Each Steam game must list the minimum hardware requirements. In addition, it lists the optimal hardware requirements that will give you the best gaming experience. These requirements are different for each game, so be sure to read them before purchasing the game.

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  • Some games are free, some are not. Steam is not controlled like Apple controls iTunes, meaning Steam does not force developers to set the same price for all their titles. You can find titles for up to $ 0.99 and titles that cost over $ 50 or even $ 100. Older games are usually cheaper, while newer ones are more expensive.
  • Many popular games are on sale in the summer and winter. You can wait for the sale before buying the game. Some games, such as PUBG, rarely go on sale because of their popularity.
  • Upcoming titles will also appear on Steam. You can add them to your wish list to find out when they will be officially released. Upcoming game titles indicate the minimum hardware requirements for the game.

Benefits of using Steam

Steam offers players the following benefits;

  • New and popular titles are readily available
  • The games are genuine and virus free. You never have to worry about downloading infected, repaired or corrupted game files.
  • You can return the game within the return period
  • You can sell games that you no longer play
  • You can buy “used” games
  • You can connect with communities and other players who play the same games as you
  • You can create your player profile, save the hours you play and view all your game achievements
  • Steam takes care of downloading, installing and updating the game for you.

Disadvantages of using Steam

Steam also has a few drawbacks;

  • If a game gets a bad update, its reviews can quickly change to match it. You may lose a good game due to a bad upgrade
  • Steam offers early access to games, and these titles have no guarantees for players. Many players buy and apologize for the title in Early Access, so be careful.
  • Games are usually developed for Windows, so Mac users are usually excluded.

Steam account security

Your Steam account is the key to shopping. Without it, you won’t be able to verify your purchase, meaning if you can’t sign in to your Steam account in the Steam client, you won’t be able to play games.

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Remember to protect your Steam account. Set up 2-step verification to prevent unauthorized sign-in if your username and password are stolen. Make sure you have set a recovery method to reset your password.

Other game platforms

Steam is not the only gaming platform where you can buy games. There are many other gaming platforms and publishers that sell games outside of Steam, such as GOG, Origin, Microsoft Store, Xbox Libe Marketplace, etc.

Steam is by far the most popular game distribution platform for PC games. If you purchase a game from another platform, such as GOG, your purchase cannot be transferred to Steam. Similarly, a purchase from Steam cannot be transferred to other distribution platforms.

Some game titles are not available on Steam at all, such as Minecraft. If you purchase a game that is not available on Steam, make sure you purchase the game from the developer or a genuine distribution platform.


You can purchase games on Steam through your browser, but you must have the Steam desktop client installed to play and play them. It cannot be circumvented. Steam also allows you to donate a game, meaning you can buy a game for someone else and send it to them. Steam titles have been developed primarily for Windows, but popular titles are also available for the Mac. If you’re playing games on a Mac, check the beginning of the Steam game before purchasing it.

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