How to Download WebEx for Microsoft Outlook

We have discussed Microsoft Teams in detail. For one of its features, if you have a paid Microsoft Teams license, you can install the add-on in Outlook. This add-in allows you to schedule meetings in Microsoft Teams from Outlook. Microsoft Teams is not the only web conferencing tool with the Outlook add-in.

WebEx for Outlook

WebEx is a video conferencing tool developed by Cisco. It’s a pretty good tool, but its free plans are only available in certain countries, while most of its competitors operate globally. This is one reason why WebEx has not made much progress in the last year. Having said that, it has an add-on for Outlook. This will allow you to install it.

Note: You must have the Outlook desktop application installed. This article does not cover installing Outlook.

Install WebEx Productivity Tools

The WebEx Outlook add-in is part of the WebEx productivity tools. To obtain them, you must have administrator access to your company’s WebEx administration site.

  1. Visit WebEx administration site.
  2. Care about Conference center or training center (options may vary).
  3. Search WebEx Productivity Tools and click Download.
  4. Once you have downloaded, double-click the file to start installing the tools.

Enable Outlook integration

After you install the WebEx Productivity Tools, you must enable Outlook integration with them.

  1. Open WebEx productivity tools.
  2. Mene Application settings.
  3. choose Tools tab.
  4. Activate Outlook for email and scheduling.
  5. Exit and Restart Outlook.

Enable the WebEx add-in in Outlook

The WebEx add-on is installed, but you may need to enable it in Outlook before you can use it.

  1. Open Outlook on your desktop.
  2. Mene File> Preferences.
  3. choose Additions tab.
  4. Click ‘COM complements’ in the Manage drop-down list.
  5. Click Go.
  6. From the list select the WebEx add-on and click OK.
  7. Restart Outlook.
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It is a good idea to restart both WebEx and Outlook after the add-on is enabled in both. Make sure you are logged in to WebEx and Outlook. Also, make sure that the e-mail account that you selected in Outlook can connect to WebEx.


WebEx is a complex tool, so if you’re having trouble getting the Outlook add-in to work, talk to your administrator. Your WebEx account may have restrictions or your Outlook account may have restrictions that prevent the add-on from appearing. The add-on makes it easier to schedule meetings, and if you use Outlook as your primary e-mail program, it’s usually easier to schedule meetings than to switch to another application.

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