How to easily find the mouse cursor?

Has it ever happened to you to not find the mouse cursor in Windows 10? When we are faced with such a situation, we then frantically shake the mouse in order to find the pointer on the screen. But when many windows are open, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. To see more clearly, we cannot even use the trick that allows you to minimize all windows since the mouse has disappeared!

This problem, if it can make you smile, often happens when you use Windows with two screens of different resolutions in “extended screens” mode. When the pointer arrives at the top or bottom edges of the screen with the highest resolution, the pointer gets stuck on the edge of the screen without being able to move to the second screen. You must then re-center the mouse and then drag it onto the second monitor. Similarly, some photo editing applications, or the tool Screenshot Windows, transforms the cursor into a single point. It is then difficult to find your pointer.

Let’s see how to fix this problem which, when it happens, is a bit annoying 🙂

Find the location of the mouse pointer with a touch

Here is how to find the mouse cursor by pressing the key CRTL :

  1. In the search box, type main.cpl then validate.
  2. In the window Properties of: Mouse, go to the tab Pointer options.
  3. Check the box Show the location of the pointer when I press the CTRL key :
  4. Click on the button Apply.

Now when you have lost the cursor, just press the keyboard key CTRL. When you release it, a small animation will appear around the cursor:

Animation to find the mouse

This animated circle that targets the pointer will allow you to find the mouse in an instant 🙂

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