Is it possible to edit a PDF file? The answer is yes, even if the PDF format is not easy to edit at the bottom. This article will help you get there. And you see, it’s very simple.

How to edit a PDF file?

You’ve probably already tried to edit the PDF, and you’re having trouble using the classic PDF reader. This is not surprising because the shape cannot be edited. Many tools promise to provide this feature, but in most cases, the best thing you can do is add notes, comments, or highlight text without being able to edit the document yourself.

How to edit a PDF file for free?

You can edit a PDF file for free as long as you have Microsoft Office. Word makes it easy to edit a PDF, but also converts a PDF file to a Word document. The application first converts the original format. You can then edit the document and save it again as a PDF file. Or in .docx format according to the desired output format.

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Go File> Open> Browse
  • Download the PDF file from your hard drive
  • Wait a few seconds for Word to convert the PDF to an editable file
  • You can now place the cursor anywhere and make changes
  • Finally, save the document by selecting the desired format (PDF or docx)

From a smartphone

If you want to edit a PDF file from your smartphone for free, the process is pretty much the same. You need to download the Mobile version of Microsoft Word. Next, open and edit the PDF you want to edit (save a new copy first).

Edit PDFs on Android and iPhone
  1. charge Microsoft Office for Android or from the App Store if you’re using iOS
  2. Open Word
  3. Tap in the lower right corner Openchoose This device and download the PDF of its location to your smartphone. Word says the file will be converted. Press OK and wait a few seconds.
  4. press icon with pen and magazine at the top of the toolbar.
  5. To edit a PDF, Word will first ask you to save a copy in .docx format.
  6. Then make the changes
  7. Finally, save the copy again as a PDF (or other).

That’s it, now you know how to edit a PDF file for free and easily. Adobe Reader Pro DC is not required, one of the few that allows it. But this solution is chargeable and also very expensive as it is for businesses.

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