Amethyst is a new block that was added to Minecraft (Java and Bedrock) some time ago. These blocks are mostly decorative, but you can get amethyst shards from the amethyst used to create the spyglass. Glass is useful, and that’s why you want to find amethyst.

Amethyst in Minecraft

Amethyst is found in caves around the world. They look like whole geodes and are rare. Needless to say, they are hard to find because they can be anywhere between Y 0 and Y 70. Mining them is also a bit tricky if you want to get amethyst chips.

Find Amethyst in Minecraft

The easiest way to get amethyst from Minecraft is to dig, but do it carefully. Remember, they appear as whole geodes, so you can dig into the cave and find some.

  • Find an underground cave
  • Find the cave
  • Dig until you are below Y 0 (be careful not to fall into the lava)
  • Find a place to start digging and create a tunnel.

Many users have suggested using an X-ray module and it works, but if you want to find it yourself, dig it out by digging in the basement.

Do you need a fast-paced world with amethyst? Use the following seed value (bedrock seed value). Amethyst geod is 3081, 17, -122.

Seed value: 1177374759

You can convert bedrock seed to Java seed.

Get amethyst

If you have the enchanted Hakka of Silk Touch, you can collect it from the Amethyst Blocks. If you don’t have a Silk Touch branch, you can get Amethyst Shards with a regular iron hook. All you have to do is crush the amethyst cluster with a simple iron hook.

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The grapes are found in growing amethyst geodes. They grow back. You have to go back to the source to get the shards, which is its downside. If you get a clasp with a touch of silk, you can collect a budding amethyst block (a block that grows amethyst buds) and move it to your base. You can then grow amethyst wherever you want. They emit light and can be used as a light source.


Amethyst is fairly new to Minecraft. It can be used to make other items later, but so far you can make a spyglass with it and it is a useful item that is worth finding amethyst. As for copper, you’ll probably find it by looking for amethyst.

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