How to fix macOS High Sierra root login error

Looks like Apple can’t take a break. iOS has had a fair share of bugs, but a a new bug in macOS High Sierra has just been discovered which allows anyone to access the administrator without having to use the current user account password. It doesn’t matter if the account is an administrator account or not. This exploit gives full access to the system and allows a potential attacker to create and use the root account. The good news is that the macOS High Sierra root login error is fairly easy to fix.

Update: Apple has released a fix. Check for the High Sierra update and install it immediately.

High Sierra root login error

When you make changes to System Settings, you sometimes need to grant administrator privileges, or at least a password for the current user. This bug makes it possible for you to unlock the administrator when you go to the Users and Groups settings, where you can create and edit users. You do not need to enter your password to make changes. If you enter ‘root’ instead and leave the password field blank, it will be accepted. Then you can make changes to the user and almost everything else on the system. In addition, it adds the user to the “root” account screen where you can log in again without a password.


The repair is fairly simple; Activate the administrator yourself and add a password. Basically, you get to the administrator before someone else can use it to take advantage of the system.

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Open System Preferences and go to Users and Groups. Click the lock icon in the lower left corner and enter your password when prompted. Then click “Connection Options” at the bottom of the left panel. Click “Join” next to the Online Accounts server.

A new panel will open asking for the server address. Click the Open Directory Utility button.

Click the lock icon again and enter your password when prompted. Then go to Edit> Activate Administrator.

Enter the password for the administrator so you can manage it completely.

Once you have enabled the administrator and set a password for it, you will become immune to the macOS High Sierra Root login error. Repairing is as easy as recovery, but Apple needs to fix it right away. This error can be exploited by anyone using your unlocked system or by someone who is logged in remotely.

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