The Playstation is no stranger to error codes. All devices usually have problems with their software or hardware from time to time, and the error message shows how the device tells you to fix it. The error code you see will help you determine the cause and correct it.

PS4 error codes SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6

The Playstation displays all sorts of error codes and is usually related to the software. However, PS4 error codes SU-30746-0 and SU-42118-6 are not software problems. In most cases, these are PlayStation hardware issues. The repair may be simple or require the purchase of new hardware to replace the existing hardware on the PS4.

Restart from safe mode and update the firmware

SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6 errors do not offer anything other than a way to reject the message. Once the PS4 is abandoned, it will not boot. To start it and update the firmware, you need to go into safe mode.

Download the firmware update

You need to download the firmware update to a USB stick. PS4 updates can be downloaded directly from official Playstation site here.

  1. Download the firmware update.
  2. Copy it a USB key.
  3. Turn off the PS4 and wait a few minutes.
  4. Hold down the power button.
  5. Release the power button when hear another beep.
  6. Connect the controller via USB on request.
  7. When the controller is connected, click Update system software.
  8. Click Update from USB storage device.
  9. Allow updating to install and restart the console.

Start your Playstation

Formatting a PlayStation deletes all its contents. You are formatting the hard disk.

  1. Turn it over console off.
  2. Press and hold the power button button until you hear two beeps.
  3. Connect the controller via USB on request.
  4. Click Format PS4.
  5. Restart the PS4.
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Hardware problems

If the above two methods did not fix your SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6 error, you may have a hardware problem. Take the console for review.

  • Make sure the hard drive is connected properly and the cables / wires are not loose.
  • Troubleshoot from the hard disk. It may be defective and must be replaced.
  • Also check other devices.

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SU-30746-0, SU-42118-6 errors occur either during the installation of the update or in the middle of a failure, for example, the console is turned off during the update. It can also occur when the hard disk is loose or failed. Unfortunately, if the failure is due to hardware issues, you have no choice but to replace it. You can connect your hard drive to your computer and try to save the game or let a professional do it for you, but recovering your hard drive is not a good idea.

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