Just like airplane mode on our cell phones, Windows computers and laptops have a similar option. When Airplane Mode is on, your computer shuts down all types of network connections, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN, Mobile Data, etc., to avoid interfering with airplane navigation devices. Recently, several Windows 10 users reported hanging in airplane mode and unable to shut it down. This means they can’t connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. If you’re having the same problem, here are some ways to turn off Airplane Mode in Windows 10.

Reasons for Windows 10 to hang in airplane mode

Here are some possible reasons for Windows 10 to get stuck in Airplane mode:

  • Buggy software
  • Software problem
  • Corrupt network drivers
  • Outdated network drivers
  • Operating system issues

Now that you have an understanding of why this problem occurs, let’s look at solutions to fix the problem.

1. Restart your Windows 10 computer

The first thing to do whenever you encounter a software problem is to restart your computer. In most cases, a reboot will fix the problem greatly, and it can also fix Windows 10, which is related to aircraft mode.

2. Disable Airplane Mode in Windows Settings

If the Airplane Mode button doesn’t work in the Notifications menu, you can try turning it off by going to the Windows Settings menu. Go to “Settings -> Network and Internet”.

The left column shows the “Airplane Mode” option. Click it and disable the first button.

Alternatively, you can try to press the function (Fn) With the Wi-Fi key, which is F3 (On my Acer laptop) to turn airplane mode on / off.

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3. Check the status of the radio management service

Several users reported that they were able to fix an airplane mode error stuck in Windows 10 by disabling the radio management service and restarting their computer. If you’re lucky, you can also fix the error by following these steps:

1. Press Win + R open the Run command on the keyboard.

2. Type “services.msc” and press Enter to open the service management window.

3. In the new “Service Manager” window, scroll down and search for “Radio Management Service”.

4. Right-click on “Radio Management Service” and select “Properties”.

5. In the Properties window, change “Startup Type” to “Disabled” and click the “Apply” button. Normally it would be set to “Manual” and Windows will not let you disable this setting.

6. Restart your Windows 10 computer to see if it fixes the airplane mode error.

4. Clear the DNS cache

1. Open a command prompt as an administrator.

2. Type the commands below:

3. This clears the DNS cache.

5. Update the network adapter driver

Sometimes an airplane mode error can be caused by outdated network adapter drivers. Be sure to update them through Device Manager. Here’s how to do it.

1. Press Win + R open the Run command. Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. This opens the Device Manager window.

2. Expand Network Adapters, right-click the Wi-Fi adapter, and select the first option, “Update Driver.”

3. The system will automatically check for updated drivers for the Wi-Fi adapter and update it, if any.

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6. Edit the registry value

In the Registry Editor menu, you can edit the “RadioEnable” registry key and permanently enable or disable wireless functionality on your computer. Changing the RadioEnable registry value to one means wireless is enabled and 0 means wireless is disabled. Always make sure that your computer has a backup of the registry files.

1. Press Win + R and type “regedit” to open Registry Editor.

2. Go to the path below:

3. Click Edit -> Find and type “RadioEnable” to find the correct registry.

4. Right-click the RadioEnable register and change it to “1”.


Adjusting the settings according to the above methods will certainly help fix a stuck Windows 10 error in Airplane mode. If the problem persists, the last option would be to install a new copy of Windows 10. Other worrying things like the Start menu search doesn’t work and the Windows Store doesn’t work, you can be directed to these by clicking the links in the dedicated guides.

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