Currently, many of us are on Windows 1803, which is one of the more stable versions of Windows 10. As part of its May 2019 release rollouts, Microsoft is forcing everyone to upgrade. last update, 1903. The deadline is November 12, 2019, which means you can only delay the inevitable until now.

However, as many have reported, the new version is buggy. The main issues are mysterious error codes like “0x80242016” and restarting the PC taking forever during one of its update stages.

If that sounds frustrating, don’t worry. The following proven steps will help you install Windows 10 version 1903 updates on your first attempt. You might need four to eight hours, but the update happens in the background of the system tray, which means you can continue to use your laptop for light tasks.

Diagnose your PC for update related issues / troubleshooting

In my experience (after two failed attempts) the biggest challenge with version 1903 is the automatic update itself, which is scheduled by Microsoft. You should ignore this warning completely – a cold restart will take longer, hang at all times, and there is no pause button if you have a wobbly internet connection.

Instead, it’s best to use the Windows Update Assistant which we’ll talk about in the next section. Before that, check the most common problems, such as low disk space and device manager errors.

Once done, Download a little software called “Windows Update Troubleshooter”. It will automatically detect any update problem within a few minutes.

The troubleshooter will tell you if you need to download and install any pending updates. Click “Apply this fix”.

Download Install pending updates Apply patch

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