Some users complain that their newer PC does not pass the minimum system requirement check for installing Windows 11. The problem is often actually the lack of a “TPM 2.0” security component. However, there is a trick to get you past this obstacle, provided you act now.

Windows 11

Windows 11 is finally here! But, already, many users are starting to complain: when they thought they had the minimum configuration required, the verification program tells them that their PC is not compatible with the new version of Windows. The problem even affects owners of Microsoft Surface Book 2 launched in 2017.

In fact, Windows 11 requires a new security component called TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module). You can yourself check the presence of the component in Powershell by typing get-rpm. If you don’t have the TPM component you can try to go to your BIOS settings. If an fTPM option is present, enable it. But is there still a solution even if your computer does not have the TPM component or alternative option in BIOS?

How to install Windows 11 without the essential TPM security component?

The answer is yes, but we must act quickly. Indeed, we learn on the support pages that “All Windows Insider members who have already installed builds from the developer channel on their PCs until June 24, 2021 will be able to continue installing Windows 11 Preview builds even if their PC does not meet the minimum system requirements” .

The date of June 24 has now passed, but it seems that it is still possible to use this trick to get around the lack of a TPM chip. To do this, So you need to join the Insiders Developer program now before it’s too late. For it :

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Microsoft specifies that installing Windows 11 in this way despite everything can result in the appearance of bugs. In the event of a problem, your machine may exit the program and you will be forced to reinstall Windows 10. In addition, when Windows 11 arrives in a stable version, these machines will have to return to Windows 10 via a complete reset.


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