Hello and welcome to this comprehensive review about ai marketing and inb networking.

How to make money with ai marketing

How to make money with ai marketing

This notice will give you all the information about this internet momentum gaining momentum since early 2020.

You hear about this famous cashback generator advertising robot on Google, YouTube or social networks.

Your relatives, acquaintances who ask you to go on the boat, are bombarding you from all sides.


You too certainly wonder whether this website is reliable and whether by investing just $10 you can actually create passive revenues.

We will now discover in this article together whether ai marketing is an intelligence artificial, a cash-back, an MLM company, or a scam.

Please read the rest of this review comfortably, which I’ve been using for over 3 months.

What is Ai Marketing?

Ai Marketing is a website advertising cashback aggregators online for other websites.

The ai website uses its market bot (artificial intelligence) to advertise for aggregators.

Ai Marketing is a Wexford Alliance Limited trademark registered under 2531493 and resident in Hong Kong.

111 Bonham Strand, Mw Tower, 7 floors, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong are the physical address of the company.

I won’t hold the suspense too long at this stage, marketing is not a fraud. It’s a real company and allows you to generate cashback.

So let’s look at this chance.

What is the marketbot?

The marketing site operated with the name marketbot, a robot called an artificial intelligence.

What is cashback?

Cashback is cash back on internet shopping. It refers to your online purchases receiving a discount.

Just take an example. Let’s take an example. If you buy a $ 100 product on the internet and get $ 5 returned, the $ 5 is a cashback.

Principle of operation of ai marketing

The marketbot operating principle is simple and involves 4 stakeholders.

You as investor, the buyers, aggregators and the marketbot.

Ai Marketing requires the money to run the ad, and this is where you invest at least $10 of the advertising budget of the marketbot.

The marketbot will then analyze consumer trends and search queries in social networks and launch targeted mass advertising on Facebook, Google, Yandex and other internet platforms.

The buyers who watch the ads on the internet will buy the goods or services.

Aggregators who sold their products by advertising on the marketbot donate a portion of this cashback to marketing.
Thus you receive 55% of cash and 45% marketing. It’s all winning.
The buyer will get his product, free advertising for aggregators, ai marketing website and your cashback.

Who are the aggregators?

Aggregators are the ai marketing partner sites it announces.

Ai Marketing works with over 20,000 websites covering various topics like:

  1. Computing
  2. Travel and tourism
  3. Online shopping
  4. Electronics
  5. The software and the game
  6. Education
  7. Music, etc.

These sites are well-known, such as eBay, Samsung, Philips and Aliexpress.

The number of partner websites only increases because I continue to market and to sign contracts with other websites.

All aggregators however have their cashback percentage. Companies selling goods provide 1.5-15% while service providers offer cashback of 15-65%.

The validation period for your own cashback also varies between 16 and 83 days.

Simply put, you get your cashback when a customer purchases a product with the mention pending in your bot.

This cashback is validated only after the deadline for aggregating is past.

How to make money with ai marketing

You can make money with the ai marketing website in several ways:

Get a gift certificate of $50




The company gives you a loan when you register and you return after earnings are generated.
It’s really generous because you’ve got the option to do so.

This enables you to fully understand the platform and invest as little information as possible.

Click on the link below to register.


code: 0zRthQaXCeQKOZ00KevGAFjxS

However, the purple logo (in brain shape) is required to take advantage of the inb network component that I develop in the remainder of the Article.

Finance your marketbot (advertising robot)

You receive cashback everyday through the marketbot’s advertising budget.

The minimum investment amount is $10 and your cashback is at a profit of 35% every month.

I recommend my team to spend at least $150 in addition to the gift certificate because of my experience.

This allows your robot to reinstate your approved cashback and not to enter OFF mode.

You receive 55% of the cashback for every purchase made by the marketbot advertising and 45% of the marketing.

The 45% is spent on maintenance, updates and the fund Marketbot Protect.


Shopping at a discount

Sites such as Igraal are the same principle.

You use marketing to link to our partner website instead of going directly to a website to purchase a product.

You must be reassured that it is a partner for ai marketing to buy discounts for work.

Then you use the link to connect to the site, place your order and therefore get a cashback reduction.

More than 20,000 websites are supported by Ai Marketing.

In fact, many people understood the importance of online shopping, given the current world situation of covid 19.

So you can make enough cashback and make ends meet with this marketbot section.


Make offline purchases (offline cashback)


Are you in close proximity with stores like Walmart, MC Donald, KFC, Starbucks?
If so, cash back is available.
You get 1.5 percent off your daily spending with an offline cashback form.
Go to the Offline Cashback section of your marketbot to profit from it.
Next, complete the details of the card that you will be shopping for.

Take a nice picture of your bank card to shop with your bank card and download it into your marketbot’s offline cashback.

The cashback generated will be displayed in the sales section and can be removed after the validation period of the store.

Make sponsorship


There is one type of ai marketing reference scheme. It is a double-profit system.
You only get five percent commission on any refilling of the ad bot by referrals when you promote marketing with a $50 gift certificate.
In addition, you receive between 5-15% but on the inb network.
Later in the article, I’ll give more information about the inb network.
The more you sponsor the more money you earn, the more the sponsorship is unlimited.

Perform tasks for ai marketing

You’re a written fan? In that case, you can join the awards program of ai marketing spot.

Besides writing a blog post with your own comments about Ai marketing, you can also write:

  • Share ai’s official social media video.
  • Write a review on Instagram and YouTube on a ready-to-use video.

All information on the tasks to be performed can be found under the heading tasks on the ai marketing site.

How to transfer funds to your advertising robot?

Connect to the marketbot to recharge your robot.
If you do not have an ai marketing account, click the link above and receive $50 from the gift certificate to build that account.
Click on the transfer section, fill in the amount box and choose the method of payment.
Validate the transfer finally by following the recommended payment method steps.


The following is a list of methods of payment for the marketbot to include the budget:

  • Visa / Mastercard / Maestro
  • Mir Card
  • Quiwi
  • Yandex.Money
  • Click on alpha
  • Apple pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Etherum
  • Tether ERC-20
  • Perfectmoney USD
  • Pay USD
  • Google pay which was just added not long ago.

The fact that we can investment in ai marketing proves all these payment methods.

How to withdraw earnings from ai marketing?

Your cashback must be validated in order to withdraw from ai marketing.

In other words, the current cashback was confirmed by the cashback program operators.
The withdrawal can be made if the current cashback changes into “your cashback” status on your bot.
The methods of payment used for the deposit are the same as for cancelation.
In case you receive the 50$ gift certificate, the first withdrawal is 100$.
Upon cancelation, approved cashback is made at ten dollars.

What is the marketbot protect Fund

Everything on the internet can happen. Buyers sometimes cancel orders or reservation before the time limit for validation while the cashback is displayed on your marketbot.

In that case, ai marketing will not pay the partner websites the cashback.

In the end, ai marketing established the protection fund to avoid penalizing you.

This is a fund to pay you the amount that hasn’t been confirmed credited to your account.

This fund makes up 20% of the 45% that ai marketing receives from every sale.

You can manage your advertising campaigns by the MarketBot Cashback Protect option without worrying about customers cancellation.

What is inb network?

Inb means network for information. Network. Network.

It is a website where members can make money online through the management of the MLM part of partner sites.

Ai marketing is an inb network partner website that manages its MLM part.

What is the link between ai marketing / inb network?

Inb marketing is a two-sided inb network. They are only linked by a partnership and this contract may be broken.

I know that some people are not network marketing fans, and remember that you don’t have to do MLM for marketing.

You can only invest in the robot and collect money without recruitment worries.

However, you will need to register for ai marketing via an Inb network site for those who are interested in taking advantage of MLM’s benefits

Here is a video showing you correctly how to make the reference.

How to make money on inb network?

You can make money from Inb network in three ways:

Make a career on inb network

Are you sponsoring comfortable? If so, you will be interested in this part.

You can develop a network of partners and earn a share in the network sponsorship income by level through the Inb network career plan.

This plan covers 14 levels, and you earn 5-15% from your direct reference rates and 0-10% from your subreferrals, depending on your position.

Through double sponsorship, you win. When you reload one of your references or sub-references with its publicity budget, you receive 5% of ai marketing and an inb network of 5%-15%.

You get commissions from the inb network in the form of PRTNs. One PRTN is one dollar.

Withdrawals can be made in bitcoin, ether, tether if you reach 10 PRTN.

Earn referral bonuses

The Inb network pays sponsorship bonuses to its partners.

These bonuses range from $100 to-2,000,000 and depend on your career plan level.

Bonuses are released when your team’s subscribers achieve a definite sales volume.

For example, the bonus for a senior manager is $20,000, and you have a turnover of $524,288 for your subscribers.

However, you will need to purchase NBOs in exchange for the bounty you get in order to send this bounty to your ad bot.

The NBO is standard chips from ERC20 used as the inb network for internal currency.

You must exchange the bonus for 500 NBOs if you unlock the $500 bonus.

On ineurochange you buy and sell NBOs and their price is truly ridiculous. An NBO is worth 0.05 dollars as of this writing.

To sell NBOs

You could do the same thing, and NBOs are traded at ineurochange.

You can resell it at a higher price in promotions by purchasing NBO’s at a lower price.
Inb network often operates up to a certain percentage of NBO buy-out promotions.
For instance, you earn $12 more on your robot to increase the ad budget of $100 for a 12% NBO buyout campaign.
When you do your marketing business, NBOs are vital, and ensure that they are always available.

My opinion has marketing / inb network

I have already been on the ai marketing for three months and I have dissected the A to Z platform.

It is truly a new concept that enables you to earn money without previous skills.

All you need to start investing is your phone and connection.

While most online companies such as dropshipping, e-commerce and affiliate require training, ai marketing requires you to just transfer funds to your commercials and take care of everything else.

On all sales by the robot the platform is transparent. All sales statistics on the sales section of the robot are available.

On this section, the time of sale, the product aggregator purchased, the sales amount, the cashback percentage, cashback and marketing figures are easily accessible.

In a few hours you can learn the ai marketing dashboard. In addition, ai marketing support is available within 24 hours to address your concerns.

My own experience on ai marketing / inb network

As already stated, I am marketing for 3 months.

I started out with $ 350 ad budgets and I’m on $ 3400 budget and earner more than 100 PRTNs per day as I write the lines of that article.

At present, I am generating a profit of over $50 a day by my marketbot alone.

This gives me an average profit of $4000 a month by combining ai and inb.

Not to mention the bonus I had to free up on the inb network, which was 4,600 dollars (bonus of 100 dollars, 500 dollars, 1500 dollars and 2500 dollares).

How can we do that? Perhaps you’re wondering the question to yourself.

If you’ve got a good strategy, it is easy. If you sign up now, I’ll show you this strategy.

Click on the link below to register.


code: 0zRthQaXCeQKOZ00KevGAFjxS



A great speaker once said that the meeting between preparation and opportunity is successful.

If the article is read, it means you are ready, and you can grasp the ai marketing opportunity.

Ai Marketing is not a scam, but an artificial intelligence that generates cashback.

The MLM part is managed by the Inb network for its marketing partner, yes.

You can trust this company which works with websites displaying its logos on the platform.

You earn additionally not only cash, but also MLM and affiliate revenues.

My results for 3 months are proof that everyone can start marketing and succeed.
So what do you expect? Get started! Just get started!
Otherwise, I’m going to stop the article there too long.

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