Instagram just got a new update and it’s a big update. The update introduced five new filters and a filter management feature. There’s no doubt that the new filters are exciting news and you want to try them at your next coffee or dessert, but the filter management feature deserves the same attention. It allows you to do two things; hide filters you don’t like or use at all, in my case it would be an Inkwell filter. It also allows you to arrange the order in which the filters appear when you browse them in the application’s interface. You can bring your favorite or most frequently used filters to the beginning of the range and move less frequently used filters to the end. Thus.

To hide filters, press and hold the filter until the Drag to Hide box appears in the image to which the filters are added. Hide the filter by dragging and dropping into the square. Alternatively, you can hide it using the filter manager.

To manage your filters, scroll to the end of the filters and you’ll see a new “manage” button. Touch it to display the filter management screen. You can arrange the filters by tapping, dragging, and dropping on top of each other. Hidden filters appear next to them with an unselected button. Tap it to return to the Filter Filters tab in the app UI. To hide a filter from this screen, simply deselect it.


If you have just updated your application, you may want to visit the Filter Management screen at least once, as the update will automatically hide some filters. For me, this hid four filter tabs at the end, even though they might have been the least used. Either way, be sure to check the filters manager for any removed filters and remove any unwanted options from an app you’ve never used.

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