Pasting is a universally used feature of a program and operating system that allows the user to copy text or an image from one location and position it in another location. This excessively useful feature comes with unwanted source format.

By copying text using the mouse or Ctrl + C command, the user not only copies the text, but also the format attached to the text. This little problem becomes problematic when you copy a large body of text. In Windows 10, it is possible to paste text without the source format.

The Copy and Paste feature can be problematic if you are copying program commands. Developers copy the code and paste it, this can cause an error. It is difficult to detect the location of the error.

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Plain text pasting is often required when extracting secondary data from the internet. The user often only needs a text to paste which can then be formatted like the other texts in the document.

How to paste plain text in Windows 10?

Direct copy and paste is considered a bad form of reuse. The copied text can be improved with a low investment of time. There are several ways to paste plain text from different sources into the document.

The copied text is either from the web or from a document. Here are five methods you can use to paste text without the formatting attached to it.

  • Via a keyboard shortcut.
  • Using the Paste Special command.
  • Using Notepad.
  • Using Clipboard History.
  • By using a free tool.

Paste plain text using a keyboard shortcut

If the text needs to be copied from the web, from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, just use the command Ctrl + Shift + V. This command allows the user to copy only the text, leaving aside the format associated with it.

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You can also right click in the text box and select the option Paste as plain text from the context menu to paste the unformatted text. This method will work in browsers like Edge Chromium, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Paste plain text using the Paste Special command

You can also paste plain text only in Word. Microsoft Word offers several paste options for easy cutting, copying and pasting for the user.

  • Open the Word document in which you want to paste the text. Once the document is open, click on the option Paste at the top left of the ribbon, then select Special bonding from the drop-down menu.
  • The window Special bonding then opens on the screen. In this window, select Text without formatting and click on the button okay.

You can also force Excel or OneNote to paste only plain text without formatting.

Paste plain text using Notepad

Copied content can also be free of formatting by simply pasting it into Notepad.

Once you have opened Notepad, press the keys Ctrl + V to paste the text you copied. Unformatted text can then be copied and used as needed by the user. So, press the shortcut key Ctrl + A to select all the text, then use the keys Ctrl + C to copy the text from Notepad.

Paste plain text using Clipboard History

Windows 10 Clipboard History will soon allow you to paste as plain text. The feature was introduced in Insider builds and will be rolling out soon in the stable version of Windows 10.

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Using a free tool

Use this nifty little utility called Pure Text. With Pure Text, you can copy unformatted text, including bold, italics, underlines, tables, and other built-in objects. This utility therefore removes all kind of formatting. You can download Pure Text from its developer’s website.

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