RAR (Roshal Archives) is a proprietary archive file format that has been in use since 1993. It is named after Eugene Roshal, a Russian software engineer. By default, Windows does not support RAR files, which means that they can only be created and opened by third-party software.

The following tools will help you manage RAR files in Windows.

1. WinRAR

Since we are dealing with RAR files, the most obvious choice is its default create / extract tool – WinRAR. In addition to Windows, WinRAR also supports Mac, Linux, BSD and Android.

During installation, you can choose whether to attach WinRAR to various file formats, such as .rar, .zip, .7z, .gz, .tar, and .zipx. This makes WinRAR one of the most versatile software tools.

Opening or extracting RAR files is easy with a simple right-click as shown below.

To create a RAR file, select all the files you want to compress and right-click to add them to the .rar option. It directly assumes the file name.

You can view the contents of the RAR file directly from an open WinRAR window.

Although WinRAR only includes a 40-day free trial, the “trial” lasts forever with very little pressure to pay.


You can’t miss out on compressed archives 7-zipper. It is almost the best tool for managing compressed files, including RAR files. It is available for all major operating systems.

To open RAR files, right-click the .rar extension. Select individual files to extract them to the same folder.

When you add files to a 7-Zip file for archiving, you get advanced settings such as entering a password and compression level. These speeds range from “fastest” to “very fast”.

3. WinZip

One of the oldest and best-known compression software, WinZip hardly needs to be deployed. Its first versions were free, but the last trial expires in 21 days. You can download and install the WinZip page official website and click “try for free”.

After installation, you can create an archived file by selecting the files in the folder and clicking “Add to Zip File”.

Use the file compression to get an interim report of the saved space.

To open a RAR file, right-click on it and navigate to the WinZip file followed by “Extract” and do it in the same folder. Its contents are saved automatically.

4. Free Archiving B1

B1 Free archiving is a completely free tool that allows you to easily open RAR files. The tool describes itself as “user-friendly” and “simple”, and there is no doubt about its use. In addition to Windows, the B1 is also available for Linux, Mac and Android.

To create free archives, select the files and click “Create”. You get several compressed file format options.

Of course, to extract the .rar files, all you have to do is right-click and select the option you want. The contents of the RAR file open in the same folder.


Because RAR is one of the most popular compressed file formats after ZIP, you get it all the time if you download a lot of files online. The tools above allow you to better manage your RAR files for creation or extraction.

What is your favorite RAR extraction tool? Let us know in the comments below.

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