The best way to protect your confidential information in a PDF is to add password protection to it. This way, when someone tries to access the file, they must enter a password that only you and the authorized recipient know. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your PDF files.

On the other hand, in some cases, you need to remove password protection from your PDFs so that anyone can view them. This usually happens when you send a PDF to someone who can’t unlock it with a password, etc. Removing password protection from a PDF on a Mac is very easy. All you have to do is follow these steps to get a PDF file without a password.

ObserveA: However, you have to keep one thing in mind: you must know the password for a protected PDF. This guide does not teach you how to open a password-protected PDF file.

Use the preview to remove the password from the PDF

The first step is to open a password-protected PDF using a preview. To do this, right-click the PDF you want to unprotect, select “Open with” and then “Preview.” You can also double-click the file. Both methods try to launch the file in preview.

Because the file is password-protected, Preview prompts you for a password before you can view its contents.

Just type your password in the box provided and press Enter. If the password is correct, you should be able to preview the PDF.

With the file open, click the File menu, and then click Save … Alternatively, you can press a keyboard shortcut Order + S. You should now be able to save the PDF as a new document and rename it so that it is not confused with the password-protected version. This step also lets you choose a new location for your now unprotected PDF, such as a download folder or anything else in iCloud, so you can use it quickly in the future.

You should now see the PDF file you just saved in the directory where you selected to save it in the previous step. Now when you run this file in any PDF reader, including the preview, you’ll find that it no longer asks for a password. The file is now ready to be sent to anyone, and they no longer need to enter a password to access its contents.


This great trick to remove a password from a PDF is really useful when you want someone to access the contents of a PDF. Preview is arguably the fastest and easiest solution for all MacOS owners. If you are a Linux user, learn how to remove a password from a PDF file here.

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