In this article, we’ll see how you can remove applications from Windows without leaving unnecessary data that takes up valuable storage space on your hard drive.

In Control Panel, look for applications that you have installed but are not using. Also see apps whose trial has expired. They all consume hard disk space and valuable system resources. Even on a new machine, you can see all sorts of unwanted applications and bloatware programs, the usefulness of which is highly questionable.

Because Windows 10’s built-in uninstaller isn’t powerful enough to completely remove applications, third-party uninstallers can be a great help. We will see how to remove applications in Windows without leaving any residual information.

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Should I remove it? / PC Decrapifier

Once you have installed a dozen or more applications, you will forget their purpose and usefulness over time. Quick Search can give you an overview of the application. For more information, go to Should I delete it. It is an online database that contains a large number of applications. Based on information provided by other users, it evaluates the app’s popularity, ranking, statistics, etc.

Use for added comfort PC Decrapifier. It scans the applications installed on your computer and divides them into three categories: Recommended, Questionable, and everything else. Based on information provided by other users, it will give you suggestions on which applications to remove or keep.

Tools for removing applications without leaving traces

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller helps to uninstall the software and remove unwanted traces from your computer. Thanks to Revo’s advanced algorithm and comprehensive application log database, it can analyze data long before uninstallation. It knows which registry or disk can be used to scan for residues.

It has three scan modes: secure, moderate, or advanced. In Safe Mode, Revo scans the registry and hard drive for unwanted items. A moderate scan includes an extended check of common locations.

Unique features:

  • Removes built-in applications from the Microsoft Store. It will help remove bloatware from your new computer.
  • The Traced Program module allows you to monitor the installation of applications in real time. You can even undo any changes you have made to the system.
  • The Force Uninstall module helps you find and remove remnants of applications that have already been removed or are incompletely installed.
  • If an unknown application loads at startup or stays in the notification area without your permission, Hunter Mode lets you stop or delete it immediately.

Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is a portable application for uninstalling applications and removing all traces of them. Novice users can start using this app without instructions. When you try to uninstall an application, Geek Uninstaller scans your computer for unwanted items and shows you a dialog box. The application is compatible with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Unique features:

  • Quickly sort applications by size, installation date, and name.
  • You can search the registry, the Applications folder, and Google for information from any application.
  • Uninstall the built-in applications from the Microsoft Store.
  • The Force Delete feature allows you to forcibly remove a program by deleting registry entries, files, and folders.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller

BCUninstaller excellent for uninstalling multiple applications with little effort. It can clean remnants, detect orphaned applications, run uninstall programs according to predefined lists, and more. It is also compatible with Steam and applications you install from a package manager such as Chocolatey.

The BCUninstaller main window lists all applications. There are several filtering options in the left pane. You can filter them by Microsoft-published applications, system components, Windows updates, and the Microsoft Store. Right-click the application to see the uninstall options. Once uninstalled, it will search for traces of the application.

A window will appear with the unwanted items, their location and trust points. The higher the confidence level, the safer it is to delete the target. If you want to uninstall a number of applications, BCUninstaller can uninstall them unobtrusively without displaying windows or pop-ups.

Unique features:

The tool can scan orphan files and folders from your hard drive. Click Tools and select the Cleanup Program Files folder. BCUninstaller scans items that can be safely removed.

BCUninstaller can read and check uninstaller certificates. You can check the certificate by looking at the color legend in the status bar.

You can search for and remove an application by any of its windows, shortcuts, or installation locations. This is a useful feature when you cannot identify a specific application.

Missing or corrupted uninstallers are grayed out. BCUninstaller can manually remove the application without leaving any traces.

If the application is not registered in the registry but is on disk, BCUninstaller can automatically create a simple uninstaller.

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