How to scan for APK files and check for virus

Downloading apps to your Android device is often used to bypass restrictions (for example, when an app isn’t available in your area) or to get updates faster. Sometimes this may be the only option when, for some reason, the desired app is not available through the Play Store.

To ensure that the APKs you install are safe, you should first scan them to make sure they don’t contain anything dangerous. Fortunately, there are tools to help you do this, and we’ve rounded out a few for you here.

Why is it recommended to scan APK files?

Page load apps work well, but they have a few drawbacks. First, page loading is not allowed on Android devices by default. You must allow installation from unknown sources in the settings to do this. In addition, you will not automatically receive updates to these applications. Be sure to update the app manually when an update is available in your area.

A more serious drawback is its inherent security risk. Because APK files are not from the Play Store, you cannot be sure that the application is intended by the developer. In some cases, APKs are hacked to bypass certain restrictions (such as in-app purchases) or, worse, add malware to them that compromises the security of your phone.

One way to prevent these nasty viruses from infecting your phone is to download APK files only from trusted sources. Mirror APKFor example, the Android community generally accepts a safe place to get APKs.

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Another way to prevent malware from downloading to your phone is to scan your file for APK for viruses before installing. There are a few services that allow you to analyze your APK. The following are the best you can use.

1. Metadefender

Metadefender you can download an APK file to scan for multiple antivirus programs. The files are processed as an archive, which means that they are extracted so that each individual file is scanned, but the entire uncompressed APK file is also scanned. Users can simply drag and drop their files, and the report is compiled in seconds.

You can use Metadefender on your computer, but you can also scan files directly from your Android phone. Even if you don’t have a separate mobile app, you can still access it through your device’s browser.

Metadefender can scan almost anything, including IP addresses, URLs, files, etc., not just APKs. So if you suspect something online, this is a great tool.

2. VirusTotal

VirusTotal is another option that works in the same way as the previous one. It will scan your file for APK and help detect all types of viruses and malware that may occur. The service is easy to use: download the files to make sure they are error-free. Additionally, you can copy and paste URLs into VirusTotal, or use the search function to scan IP addresses, domains, or file seals.

VirusTotal is also available as a mobile application, although its use is limited to scanning applications already installed on the device. It can be downloaded from Play in the store free.

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Additionally, you may want to consider installing an antivirus application on your Android device. If you don’t know where to start, you can check out our list of the best antivirus apps you can get for your phone. This way, you can monitor the status of your mobile phone with regular checks.

If protecting all of your devices from malware threats is a top priority for you, you may be interested to know if Windows Defender is good enough in 2021 or if you really need antivirus software on Linux.

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