Smartphone cameras have come a long way. In a relatively short period of time, smartphone photography and video recording have shifted from novelties to serious business. Today, smartphones can be used and have been used to create movies. 2015 Mandarin was shot entirely on the iPhone 5s. Last photographed by Steven Soderbergh Stupid on iPhone 7. If you have an Android phone, you can also create professional videos that compete with Hollywood.

Install an open camera

The good news is that most modern smartphones have impressive photographic equipment. The bad news is that the camera app pre-installed on your phone is usually pretty simple. Often, these are simple, easy-to-use applications designed for a simple layout. For the average smartphone photographer, that’s all they need. However, if you want to shoot a video that seems to be straight from a Hollywood movie, these camera apps really don’t cut it.

It’s here The camera was opened by Mark Harman comes in. Open Camera is a fantastic app that offers a lot of customization options from fine-tuning the exposure to manual focus. Best of all, it’s 100% free and contains no ads! Basically, Open Camera lets you control your phone’s camera much better to make your pictures look their best.

Film in the highest possible quality

android movie resolution

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