The advantage of the front camera of an Android device is that you can see if everything fits into the selfie or not. The downside to using a front camera is that you are using a camera that has a lower resolution than your rear camera.

Different phones can take good selfies with good resolution, but if you want selfies with the resolution offered by your rear camera, you have to guess where your phone should be placed. With the following method, you will at least have voice instructions on where you need to move your phone’s camera.

How to take a rear camera selfie

If you do not want to install another application, you can always use the Stock Camera application. You have to guess where you need to place the camera to get the perfect picture. The camera app doesn’t give you voice instructions, so there’s a good chance you won’t have everything in the photo. Just switch to the rear camera by tapping the camera icon with two arrows and good luck.

Since you can’t see if the image is clear or not, make sure you give the app enough time to use autofocus. Setting the self-timer gives you plenty of time to pose and gives the camera app time to focus.

Also, make sure you have good grip on your phone. This will reduce your chances of your phone slipping even a little to get a vague selfie. Keeping the camera at eye level gives you a better chance of keeping your whole face in the picture.

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Using a Third Party Application

If installing a third-party app isn’t a problem, you can try the app by name Selfie rear camera. It’s a free and very easy-to-use app with voice prompts that tell you where you need to move your phone’s camera to make a complete selfie.

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