The Navigo card, like other transport cards, is having difficulty meeting Apple’s requirements. However, since January 12, 2021, the situation began to unblock. You can now recharge the Navigo pass on your iPhone.


Many smartphones can top up your Navigo pass. Regarding iPhone you must have at least one iPhone XR under iOS 14.5 :

– download one of these compatible applications: Île-de-France Mobilités, Transdev Ile-de-France, RATP, Assistant SNCF;

  • open the application (up to date);
  • go to the menu Purchase ;
  • select My Navigo pass ;
  • press Read my pass ;
  • present the Navigo pass on the top and back of the iPhone to use the NFC (like when you pay for your regular purchases with Apple Pay);

The iPhone vibrates to indicate that it has detected the Navigo card and that it is ready to recharge it:

  • wait, without moving either the pass or the iPhone, while reading / writing until the app tells you that it is finished.

reload pass navigo iphone

The exact names of the menus may vary from app to app, but you get the idea. If you have any difficulties, contact application assistance.

Does the iPhone replace the Navigo pass?

Currently, the iPhone cannot replace the Navigo pass. That is to say that, unlike some countries, you cannot pass your iPhone to validate your trip.

One of the reasons that can explain this is that in France we pay by ticket. Indeed, you top up your transport card with your money, but the card stocks transport tickets.

Wallet does not work with anything other than money: bank cards or even virtual wallets.

Moreover, it is only very recently that the Île-de-France Mobilités application allows the iPhone to reload the pass. This should unblock the situation for other cities.

iphone pass card transport

The ideal would be to top up your Navigo pass, and other transport tickets, from your iPhone, but for the iPhone to replace these cards.


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