Storage Assistant is a native Windows 10 feature that can help you save disk space by automatically deleting temporary files, deleting files stored in the recycle bin, and more.

You can easily configure and use the Storage Assistant to free up disk space on your Windows 10 PC. This feature is accessed from the Windows 10 settings (Windows + I), then by accessing the section System> Storage.

For those who don’t use this feature and want to turn off Storage Assistant in Windows 10, this article explains how to do it.


Disable Storage Assistant in Windows 10

There are two built-in functions to prevent access to Storage Assistant in Windows 10. If you use any of these functions, the option to enable and configure Storage Assistant options will be grayed out. It is :

  • The registry editor
  • The Group Policy Editor

Using the Registry Editor

It is recommended to make a backup of the registry before making this modification. After that, follow these steps:

  • Open the registry editor with the keyboard shortcut Windows + R, then Run => regedit => Enter.
  • Access the Windows registry key below.
  • Under Windows, create a registry key StorageSense.
  • Create a DWORD value called AllowStorageSenseGlobal and set its value to .
  • Close the registry editor.

To reactivate the function Storage Sense, just follow the steps above and delete the key StorageSense.

Using the Group Policy Editor

This option is not present for users of the Home edition of Windows 10, but in the Pro and Enterprise editions. People who use the Home edition must first add the Group Policy Editor to this edition of Windows 10 in order to use this tool. After that, follow these steps:

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First, click on the search box, type gpedit, and use the key Entrance to open thegroup policy editor.

In the Group Policy Editor window, navigate to the folder Storage assistant. The path is as follows:

Configuration ordinateur > Modèles d'administration > Système > Assistant de stockage
  • In the right section, navigate to the setting Authorize Storage Assistant and open it by double clicking on it.
  • When the parameter window Storage assistant opens, click the option Deactivated, then press okay.

This will immediately disable Storage Assistant. To regain access to Storage Assistant, just follow the steps mentioned above and use the option Not configured available in the parameter Storage assistant. Press on okay to save the changes.

After performing this manipulation, users who access the parameter Storage assistant from Windows 10 Settings can see the message: Some settings are managed by your company or organization.

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