This post discusses How to Update Snapchat on an iOS or Android smartphone, as well as how to keep up to date on new product updates.

Updating the iOS App via the App Store

Snapchat updates are available for iPhones and iPads via the Apple App Store, and for Android devices via the Google Play Store. The following is how to upgrade the iOS app:

  1. Tap the App Store app on your phone or tablet to launch it. Check if you’re wired to the internet.
  2. To upgrade Snapchat, go to the Updates tab at the bottom and look for the Update icon. Tap on your profile icon if you don’t see an Updates page.
  3. To upgrade the app, tap UPDATE next to Snapchat.

    How to Update Snapchat

    How to Update Snapchat

  4. The Update mark will be animated into a development circle. After a few seconds or a few minutes (depending on the internet connection), you’ll be able to launch the latest update of the app and begin using it.

Updating the Android App via Google Play

On Android, the steps for upgrading Snapchat are slightly different, but just as easy.

  1. Tap the Play Store app to open it.
  2. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner of the app.
  3. From the collection, choose My applications & games.
  4. Find Snapchat in the list of alerts by clicking the UPDATES button at the left.
  5. Tap UPDATE to get a Snapchat update if one is open.How to Update Snapchat

That’s about all there is to it—no it’s better from installing every other program on your mobile. Snapchat is always adding new chatting, stickers, filters, glasses, stories, and other tools that you won’t want to skip. You can also Snapchat while listening to music on your phone.

Get Notified of the Latest Snapchat Updates

Aside from updating the App Store or Play Store for updates on a daily basis, it can be difficult to predict when a new Snapchat version will be released. Paying attention to websites that report tech and news stories, like big product updates, as soon as they become topical will help you figure out when a new Snapchat update is now available, and what new developments should be expected as a result of it.

Set up a Google Alert for Snapchat

How to Update Snapchat

How to Update Snapchat

Setting up an email for Google Alerts is one of the easiest ways to get news reports about Snapchat updates just as soon as they’re posted and picked up by Google. You should refer to your alert as “snapchat update.”

To be updated as soon as there is news of a Snapchat update, select Show options in your app to open a dropdown menu where you can set the How often feature to As-it-happens. Create the warning, and you’ll get an email notification as soon as Google detects something relevant to a Snapchat change.

Use IFTTT Reminders to Get Snapchat Updates

If you have an Android smartphone, you can take it a step further by having IFTTT give you a text message whenever you receive a new email from Google Alerts.

You can create a recipe that sends you an email if a Snapchat update is discovered in the App Store (for iPhone and iPad). This is the most effective way to use IFTTT to search for alerts. Play Store and Google Alerts aren’t supported triggers, but an update on App Store almost always means an update on Play Store.

In this scenario, the topic might be “snapchat update” or “google updates.” While the emails you get from Google Alerts could be for stories from past Snapchat releases or even forecasts for upcoming product updates, this is also a helpful way to keep informed.

Check Your Settings to Turn on New Features

If you see that all of your buddies are sending you snaps of awesome new features that you don’t seem to have, and you’ve already upgraded your software to the current edition, you may want to review your settings to see if something needs to be switched on first.

How to Update Snapchat

How to Update Snapchat

Tap your profile icon in the upper left-hand corner of Snapchat to activate your settings. Tap Manage under the ADDITIONAL SERVICES label after selecting the gear icon in the top right corner.

You’ll be able to customize your filters, ride, buddy emoji, and permissions.


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