How to use a smartphone as a microphone in Windows

When you attend an online meeting, you simply can’t do without the improved sound quality. The speakers used in many Windows laptops are usually not par. You can either use meeting-class headphones with a microphone, or this trick with the Equalizer APO, which dramatically increases the volume on your laptop.

There’s another method that gives you even better results: use the powerful speakers on your Android or iPhone device.

We discuss two recommended applications that perform this connection reliably: WO Mic and EZ Mic. Both use very similar methods, and we can extend the same technologies to cover other market applications.

Using a computer with WO Mic

WO Mic is a leading third-party microphone system that is completely free to use on Windows systems. However, there are a few ads on mobile apps that aren’t very annoying. You can get rid of these ads with a cheap subscription. WO Mic is already in use by millions of users, and you get good results using it in your computer’s microphone.

1. Download the WO Mic application to your phone

First, you need to download the application and install it on your phone. WO Mic supports both Android and iPhone equipment. It has a simple home screen where you have to press the “Play” button to use your smartphone speakers on your Windows computer.

To select a transfer mode, go to the Settings icon: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, USB, or Bluetooth. The customer’s device (laptop) and your phone must have the same traffic connection.

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2. Install the WO Mic client and driver on the Windows computer

You need to install two separate components on your Windows computer: WO Mic Client and drivers. Here we present each installation.

You can download WO Mic Client from this link. There is a “Select Language Option” followed by the WO Mic client setup screen below.

Then select the components you want to install. While a desktop shortcut can be useful, it’s best to turn off autorun when the system boots.

The installation of WO Mic Client is complete quickly and you should see the execution status message.

Then install the WO Mic drivers from this link. Once downloaded, you will receive a selection of component drivers for your system.

You can find your computer’s system type by searching for “system information” in the Windows search box. This tells you if your system is x64 or x86.

Installing WO Mic drivers is very fast. You will see a completion message when it is complete.

3. Connect the WO Mic Phone application to the WO Mic on a Windows computer

In the next step, you can connect the WO Mic phone application to the WO Mic client in Windows. Open the client on your computer and click “Connect”.

There are four connectivity options: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and USB. If you select Wi-Fi, the displayed IP address must match the IP address created in the phone application.

When you open WO Mic in playback mode, you will see the IP address. It should be the same as WO Mic Client.

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The connection between the Windows client and the application takes a few seconds via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB.

If you’re connecting via Bluetooth, make sure your phone and laptop are discoverable via Bluetooth. In addition, they should pair correctly based on the Bluetooth ID and PIN, as shown here.

You will notice a “connection successful” message when your Windows laptop is paired with your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth.

WO Mic Client displays the “connected” status when the devices are connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB.

You will also see the combined mode in WO Mic.

When the smartphone speakers are activated for a Windows PC / laptop, you will see the WO microphone activated during the voice call.

Using the EZ Mic on a computer

Another service called Micro EZ gets similar results. Again, you will need to download the Windows installer and smartphone application, but no separate driver is required.

1. Download the EZ Mic Windows Installer

You can download the Windows installer from the official website itself from the “Configuration” menu on the home page. During installation, you must find a destination for the program.

The installation only takes a few seconds. When you turn it on, the GUI screen does not appear, but the EZ Mic appears in the menu of the notification area.

2. Download the EZ Mic Phone application

Download and install the EZ Mic phone app at Android and iPhone respectively. After installation, go to the “Search” menu option to find a paired device. Connections are made on the same LAN (Wi-Fi) or USB.

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Once you’ve found a Windows computer device by name, you can pair it. This transfers audio and microphone from your smartphone to your Windows laptop. The only downside to EZ Mic is that the free way to connect devices only takes five minutes. After that, the full version must be opened.

Here, we’ve seen two reliable apps that transfer sound from your smartphone’s microphone to your Windows laptop. Many smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the OnePlus 9 series, and the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, feature highly powerful speakers with crystal-clear sound quality. Transferring this benefit to a Windows laptop is fairly easy. Problems with your microphone in Windows 10? We have full troubleshooting for this.

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