Google Assistant can access a lot of information on your phone. That’s why it’s usually not available when your phone is locked – you don’t want others to use it to access your confidential information. However, with a recent app update, you can now use Google Assistant even when your phone is locked. Depending on how often you use it, it can potentially save time for your productivity. Let’s see how Google Assistant is set up and used when your phone is locked.

Google Assistant configuration

With version 12.24 of the app, you can get a new separate lock screen setting for Google Assistant. You have previously configured this feature in the Personalization menu, which is available in Settings.

In the updated version, go to Popular settings and All settings. Other features you can see include languages, Lock screen, and voice search. Go to the customization toggle switch and make sure the Personal Results and Personal Results Lock screen are on.

When the installation is complete, make sure that Google Assistant supports the language you selected on your phone.

Set the sound

Once you’ve set up Google Assistant, you’ll receive a notification text message that allows you to get hands-free assistance from the assistant as soon as your phone shuts down. The message to complete the setting by turning it off also appears.

There’s also a message asking if you want help handling important day-to-day information, such as contacting people you know via text messages or phone calls.

Next, you will be prompted to enable Voice Match in the Settings menu. You will then be asked to say “OK Google” so that Google Assistant can recognize your voice.

Click “Yes, I’m there,” which appears in the lower-right corner of the screen. You will then get a menu that displays the answers from the Google Assistant on the lock screen and in a submenu. When you click the assistant’s answers on the lock screen, it lets Google Assistant respond even when the Lock screen is on.

The submenu, on the other hand, allows personal results to be activated without voice control. From there, whenever you want to activate the virtual assistant, say “Ok Google” and your request.

Possible problems

Despite this process of unlocking your Android phone, some problems may occur without opening your lock screen. Once you have set the phone lock security, such as face ID, PIN, pattern, etc., this feature may not be able to bypass this security screen. In this case, use any security method you use.

Removing the protection method is not recommended. Instead, you can set a timer that allows the phone to stay on for a while before it locks. This will ensure that your phone takes some time before it needs to unlock the security to activate; Therefore, you can use Google Assistant.

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