Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) is a lossless compression format. Apple Music is Lossless compatible at no additional cost. Do you know how to activate and use Lossless on iPhone, Mac, HomePod and Apple TV?

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To take advantage of the format Lossless, here are some conditions:

  • use Apple Music (have an active subscription and be connected to it);
  • an iPhone under iOS 14.6 ;
  • an iPad under iPadOS 14.6 ;
  • a Mac under macOS 11.4 ;
  • suitable equipment such as built-in speakers or a headset or wired connection.

In Bluetooth, you cannot take advantage of Lossless. That’s why AirPods Pro and AirPods Max have spatial audio, but Lossless doesn’t.

Concerning I’Apple tv, we will have to wait for a future update, perhaps the autumn update even if there is a lossless quality.

The HomePod also will have to wait for an update, but a trick exists: AirPlay.

apple music

Lossless, lossless audio content

Lossless is a lossless audio compression format from Apple (AT THE C). With this format, you keep all the data from the original file. This increases file size. Thus, the file takes up more storage space when playing the file locally, and more cellular data when downloading outside the Wi-Fi network. High quality lossless, it is necessary to have the appropriate material.

high quality lossless iphone

Apple Music was already encoded in AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). Now the entire catalog is in ALAC format with resolutions ranging from 16bit / 44.1kHz (CD quality) to 24bit / 192kHz.

Activate and use Lossless on iPhone and iPad

You will start by activating Lossless in Apple Music on your iPhone:

  • meet in Settings > Music ;
  • go down to the section Audio and touch Audio quality ;
  • activate Lossless Audio ;
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iphone music activate lossless audio

The music you will listen to with Apple Music on your iPhone will have the quality Lossless. However, remember to continue with your configuration:

  • press Cell broadcast ;
  • select the quality you want, but remember that the higher the quality, the more your cellular data will consume;
  • touch Downloads ;
  • select the quality you want, but keep in mind that the higher the quality, the more space your downloaded music takes up on your iPhone.

iphone audio quality music configure

After activating it, to use Lossless on iPhone, all you have to do is open the app Music and start a music. You can check if the song has the Lossless format thanks to the presence of its logo.

iphone apple music song lossless


HomePod does not yet have the ability to output audio in Lossless. However, with the iPhone andAirPlay you solve the problem:

  • go to Settings > Music > Audio quality ;
  • activate Lossless Audio ;
  • press Wi-Fi streaming ;
  • touch Lossless.

iphone lossless music wifi broadcast

Then all you have to do is stream your music from Apple Music to AirPlay to your HomePod or your pair of HomePods.

iphone music airplay

Apple tv

Although Apple TV does not yet have the Lossless, it has a lossless quality format that you can activate:

  • meet in Settings > Apps ;
  • in the section Settings, click on Music ;
  • in the game Audio, click on Audio quality ;
  • select Without loss.

apple tv lossless music

Activate and use Lossless on Mac

Everything happens in the Music application to manage Apple Music Lossless:

  • open the app Music ;
  • go to the menu Music > Preferences ;
  • in the top menu, click Reading ;
  • tick Lossless Audio ;
  • in the drop-down list of Diffusion, select Lossless ;
  • in the drop-down list of Download, select the audio quality of your choice;
  • validate with okay.
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mac lossless music

Currently, Apple Music has songs in Lossless format and only the iPhone and the Mac can fully enjoy them and have the HomePod enjoy them. Let’s wait for the updates so that other devices can take advantage of them.

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