Do you know that there is a parental control integrated in your iDevices such as your iPhone or your Mac ? His name is Screen time. Great for protecting and limiting your child’s actions or controlling your own screen time.

screen time

Screen Time, Apple Parental Controls on iPhone and Mac

What devices is it compatible with?

Screen time is the equivalent of a parental control provided by Apple in its more or less recent devices.

Indeed, on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, he arrived with iOS 12 and was causing some issues with battery consumption.

Sure Mac, until macOS Mojave 10.14 there was a feature called Parental control. Since macOS Catalina 10.15 it has been replaced by Screen time.

ios macos catalina

Is it really parental control? What are its features?

Yes, it can be used as a parental control to protect your child or teach him good habits to have with an iPhone and the Internet. It can also be used by you, as an adult, to makeself-discipline. Indeed, Screen time analyzes your usage.

The functionalities of Screen time are common and can be synchronized between all devices, history that if your child reaches his quota of time in front of the screen, that he does not go on the Mac or theiPad to save time.

parental control screen time

Its functionality is also close to parental control applications. Except since it’s native to the device, there won’t be any system restrictions that third-party apps may experience.

You can just ask Screen time analyze your usage by looking at how much time you spend in front of your screen and on each application. Here is a list of the global features available:

  • Break time establishes a period during which only certain applications (or none!) are authorized;
  • App limits limit the time spent on each application, category of applications or websites;
  • Communications allows you to manage who your child exchanges with, it only works with apps Phone, FaceTime and Messages.

You can also set restrictions related to the Content and confidentiality (like purchasing an app). In addition, thanks to Always allowed, give your child the possibility of using certain applications at any time, even during Break time.

icon time screen features

Whatever the restrictions, emergency numbers identified by your operator will always be allowed.

For this information and restrictions to be synchronized between different devices, the devices must be on the same iCloud account.

Enough theory, let’s practice!

Activate parental controls on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

For your child

Activation of Screen time varies a bit, depending on whether it’s your iPhone or your child’s. IPhone must be connected to your child’s iCloud account.

  • open the app Settings ;
  • go to Screen time > Activate “Screen time” ;
  • press Carry on then This iPhone is my child ;

iphone activate child screen time

  • configure the Break time, App limit and Content and confidentiality ;

iphone configure time screen child

iphone configure time screen child

  • choose one “Screen time” code to prevent your child from changing the restrictions themselves;
  • enter your own Apple ID and password.

iphone time code screen

All its functions can be modified at will thanks to the “Screen time” code by going to: Settings > Screen time.

iphone screen time settings

For you

If you want to activate it for yourself, the activation is faster, but the possible settings are the same:

  • go to Settings > Screen time > Activate “Screen time” ;
  • press Carry on then This iPhone is mine.

iphone activate screen time

here Screen time activated. You are free to configure it as you wish in Settings > Screen time.

iphone screen time settings

iphone screen time settings

Press on See all activity to consult your use according to a particular device or all combined.

These features go further than the old restrictions.

Turn on Screen Time on Mac

This time around, there are no distinctions between your computer and your child’s. And to activate it, there is only one thing to do:

  • go to > System Preferences > Screen time ;
  • in the left menu, click Options ;
  • click on Activate opposite “Screen time for this Mac: No To change to “Yes”.

mac screen time activate

Then check your activity in Using apps or set restrictions via the left menu.

mac screen time analysis

Are you going to use Screen Time? To manage your (over) use or as parental control for your child on the iPhone or Mac?

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