Huawei has just announced the arrival of its flagship smartphone in Europe: the P50 Pro. It has already been released in China and offers the best in this segment. In this international version, it is equipped with Android, not Harmony OS.

Huawei announced it P50 and P50 Pro in China last summer. The two models were then equipped with the Harmony operating system. The P50 Pro will be unveiled in France today. The manufacturer has chosen Android 11 for this new version.

This smartphone therefore has the same features as its Chinese counterpart, but it simply changes the operating system. The result is a very interesting product on paper that doesn’t have to be embarrassed in the face of competition.

P50 Pro, Huawei’s high-end smartphone

Here we have a smartphone who wants to offer Huawei’s best design. At the design level, we find this special photo module, which consists of two black circles and four sensors.

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At the screen level we have slightly curved 6.6-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 2700 x 1228 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The fingerprint sensor is placed under this panel, as we are now accustomed to high-end products.

The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. If it is now bypassed by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, it will still be a very powerful SoC in 2022. The user can choose between 8-12GB of RAM and 128, 256 and 512GB of storage. There is no 5G in the program, the phone is only 4G.

The P50 Pro has a 4360 mAh battery that is compatible with 66 watt wired and 50 watt wireless charging. It weighs 195 grams and is 8.5 mm thick. It fits the nails of existing weapons.


The camera is very interesting on paper as it has a 50 megapixel main sensor, a 40 megapixel monochrome sensor, a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle and a 64 million pixel Telefoto. Huawei promises digital zoom up to the X200, which is much better than the S21 Ultra (X100) or Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (X120). The P50 Pro is not under Harmony OS in this international version, but on Android 11 With EMUI 12 overlay. It should be noted, however, that the user does not have the full version of the operating system because he is being deprived of the Google software package. Used after the embargo on the brand.

The P50 Pro will be available today, January 26th from 1199 euros. The price we consider high, especially given the lack of Google Apps and the existence of the 2021 processor.

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