Your shopping bag rings? You have surely found an AirTag (and its associated object), but what to do? We explain to you.

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Why is it ringing? Why am I getting a notification?

There is very little chance that your purse, shopping bag, or pocket will ring on its own for no reason. You may have picked up someone’s AirTag.

When an AirTag is separated from its owner, it can send a notification and make a sound so that it is spotted while protecting your privacy.

Either the AirTag rings at the request of its owner to find it, or because it has been a while since they were separated and it is moving.

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I found an AirTag, what should I do?

When you find an AirTag that does not belong to you, whether it has rung or not, you can notify its owner, if it has already been configured.

  • position your iPhone, or any NFC smartphone, over the white part of the AirTag;

Note : any smartphone that can make contactless payments has NFC technology.

  • a notification appears, open it;
  • the web page that appears gives you certain information, including the serial number;
  • if the owner has activated the lost mode, you will be able to see the associated message, if he has left his phone number, you can get in touch in order to return to him.

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Don’t panic, you are not being tracked! You, no, but the AirTag, yes. The AirTag signals its presence with a sound or a notification: Detection of an AirTag following your movements.

You will start by finding the AirTag:

  • open the notification;
  • touch Carry on and press Make a sound ;
  • locate the AirTag and its subject;
  • if it’s an item you have been loaned, press Pause security alerts, this includes notifications and sound alerts;

Note : If it’s a borrowed item, you can pause them for the day. You can pause these security alerts indefinitely if it’s an AirTag borrowed from your family member with whom you set up the family sharing.

  • if it’s not an item you borrowed, tap About this AirTag to find out its serial number and if the owner has reported it lost;
  • if you have erased the notification, bring your smartphone over the AirTag as for scanning it, a new notification will appear to open this web page concerning the AirTag;

Note : this amounts to doing as explained in the previous paragraph.

You can decide to turn off AirTag so that it no longer shares your location:

  • touch AirTag deactivation instructions and follow the on-screen instructions.

If you fear for your safety, you can contact the local authorities who will be able to collaborate with apple.

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I received a notification, but I can’t find the AirTag

Just before we explain that to find an AirTag following a notification. What if you can’t hear any sound?

It is possible that it has run out of battery. However, with a battery life of one year, this is very unlikely.

The other 2 possibilities are the most probable.

You may simply no longer have the AirTag in your possession.

If you think it’s still in your business, you can always look for it or wait for the new notification. This can happen if you have had it for a while. The application Locaread uses an identifier for the AirTag which changes regularly.

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Also be aware that if you have found an AirTag, but its owner is nearby, it will not make any sound.


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