If you need screen recording software for Windows 10, you can read this iFun Screen Recorder review.

We have to record the PC screen for many reasons. The most common thing is to do tutorials or record gameplay. For professional or amateur users, a screen recorder is an indispensable tool. However, there are many tools that can record Windows 10 screens. To choose the best one, an unbiased review can help. This iFun Screen Recorde review will definitely help you to know it in detail.

IFun Screen Recorder Review and Test

iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is IObit software. It can record your Windows 10 screen without significant performance loss. You can get lag-free screen recording experience even while you are gaming. However, like other software, it has pros and cons. This iFun Screen Recorder review will provide you with key information. It will help you understand whether you should use it or not.

IFun Screen Recorder review: features and specifications

Here are the technical specifications of iFun.

Developer IObit
System Windows
Cut 28.0MB
Price € 39.99 (1 year, pcs)

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iFun Screen Recorder has the following features:

  • Screen recording without lag
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Cut video
  • Record mouse action
  • Add a custom watermark
  • Multiple video formats

Functionality Wise is a very simple but powerful screen recording software. On your Windows 10 PC, you can perform the following operations using this screen recorder.

iFun Screen Recorder

Record anything lag-free in Windows 10

iFun Screen Recorder claims to give you lag-free screen recording experience in Windows 10. Mostly, it can record in ultra high quality at 50 FPS. If you have a better processor and better graphics processor, you can get the most benefit by enabling hardware acceleration. Otherwise, it can record your cursor and your mouse action. It helps to create a great video tutorial or whatever you want. If you are a gamer, this tool can also help you record your playing while not affecting performance too much.

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Add custom watermark

iFun has amazing functionality. You can add your own custom watermark to the recordings. It allows you to protect your content more easily.

Simple video editor

iFun Screen Recorder comes with a simple video editor. It helps you cut your recordings. The video editor is very ordinary. But, it helps to make a quick cut.

iFun Screen Recorder

Multiple output formats and other features

Unlike many other screen recording software, iFun Screen Recorder gives you the flexibility to choose the output video formats. You can choose from 10 output formats including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, GIF, etc.

You can record your voice using microphone or system audio, as well as webcam with computer screen. All in all, it has the features to make your screen recording quick in a convenient way.

user interface and experience

This screen recording software has a very simple user interface. The user interface is very neat and clean. So you can use it without any difficulty.

Navigating to the settings and the video editor is also very easy. In my eyes, there shouldn’t be any concerns about the user interface. All in all, it can give you a smooth and refined experience.

iFun Screen Recorder

Performance and other details:

I have personally tested this screen recorder on my PC. I used the pro version. When reviewing iFun Screen Recorder, I did not find any performance issues. He was responsive in all features. I did not find any problem. Probably, it will give the same experience to other users as well.

You can easily record a screen, whether it is an entire window, a full screen, or a specific area; it does not matter. You can also capture snapshots while recording the screen. All of these things work great without any issues.

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Unlike other screen recorders, iFun does not limit the length of your video in the free version. Even there are no ugly watermarks even in the free version. In the free version, you will only get less functionality. The pro version comes with improved performance and additional benefits. Adding custom water marks, hardware acceleration, 60 FPS recording, better video algorithm, etc. are exclusive to the pro version.


iFun Screen Recorder is free software. It has a free version. The pro version has more features. The price of the premium version is € 39.99 per year with a discount. The regular price was € 49.99.

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  • Screen recording without lag
  • Custom water brands
  • Multiple output formats
  • The free version has no horrible restrictions

The inconvenients

  • Less features
  • Expensive without reduction


iFun Screen Recorder is a newcomer to the market. Unlike other similar tools, it doesn’t limit the free version to length or watermarks. So, I suggest you try its free version first. If you like it, buy the premium version.

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