After 11 years of career, Instagram is finally preparing to allow users to post their photos and videos from the PC version of the service. For now, the feature is in the testing phase with a handful of handpicked users, but it should be available to all shortly.

instagram pc
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Over the years, Instagram has continued to acquire new features. We note for example the automatic filter of offensive private messages, the ability to hide the likes counter, or the launch of Instagram Lite, the light version of the famous application. Despite everything, in eleven years of career, Instagram has never allowed users to post content outside of the smartphone app.

Imagine that this will soon no longer be the case, as Instagram has just announced in an official press release: “We know that many people access Instagram from their computers. To improve this experience, we are currently testing the possibility of creating a feed post on the social network with their desktop browser ”, confirms a spokesperson for the company.

As Instagram clarified in its statement, the functionality is therefore in the test phase with a handful of users. Matt Navarra, social media consultant, is one of the lucky ones and took the opportunity to post some screenshots on his Twitter account. According to him, participants in this test are only able to post photos and videos only to their main Instagram feed. Stories and Reels remain tied to the mobile version for now, at least for now.

instagram pc
Credit: Matt Navarra

No more hassle to post on Instagram from the PC

Until then, users who liked to edit their photos on PC using editing software had to transfer their work to their smartphone before being able to post them on Instagram. A huge waste of time, especially by professional Instagrammers. It was then necessary to show ingenuity to publish photos on Instagram from the PC, in particular by accessing developer tools from your browser.

To the delight of users, these additional solutions will soon be a thing of the past. Instagram has not provided a global rollout date for this feature., however, let’s hope that the social network does not take long to offer it to all users.


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