Instagram is currently looking to integrate iOS 14 widgets on its application. With this feature, users with multiple accounts will be able to switch between them faster than usual.

instagram widgets
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In February 2021, Apple launched the new version of its operating system iOS 14. Among the flagship new features, there is obviously the integration of widgets, which allows users to place shortcuts to the applications or services of their choice. on the home screen. Of course, this feature has been available for years on Android, which has also earned Apple some mockery from Google.

But anyway, adding widgets opens up new possibilities for app developers on iOS, and some are already working on adding them to their product. This is particularly the case with Instagram, as revealed by Alessandro Paluzzi. On Twitter, the developer posted several screenshots that illustrate the use of widgets by the famous social network.

As he explains, this widget will allow users to switch quickly from one account to another. Until then, it was necessary to go through several tedious steps which take a certain time. This is a feature that will probably delight users with several accounts (a professional account and a personal account for example). They will now be able to save a little more time when it comes to switching between different profiles.

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instagram widgets
Credit: Alessandro Paluzzi

Instagram tests iOS 14 widgets

For now, it is impossible to know when this feature will be available to all users. Note that Instagram seems to be working on other widgets as well which will notably allow quickly send a message to another user, or go directly to the camera

As a reminder, Instagram has tested many new features over the past few months. For example, we recently learned that it will soon be possible for everyone to embed links in their Stories. Good news for the most modest accounts who are still looking to monetize their Instagram account. And since June 2021, it is finally possible to publish photos and videos from the PC version. This will make it easier for users who like to edit their photos first on software such as Photoshop before publication.

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